990 Client Communication for 2023, 2022 Tax Year

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions works with nonprofit organizations nationwide to complete their annual federal compliance. We offer a full range of services for nonprofits of all types and sizes. Read furtherto learn about 990 client communication and schedule expectations for tax year 2022. 

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What we need to complete your 990

  • BryteBridge provides a questionnaire that requests information necessary to file 990 tax returns. We cannot begin working on an order until this onboarding form is fully and accurately completed.
  • We require a copy of the previous year’s tax return to verify accuracy and consistency. This requirement does not apply to organizations filing for the first time.
  • BryteBridge’s team of tax professionals requires a copy of financial records for the tax year. These documents include an accurate and complete Profit and Loss statement (sometimes called a statement of activities) and a Balance Sheet (statement of financial position).
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Common Tax Season Pitfalls

  • The most frequent problem we encounter during tax season is receiving unclear information in the intake form.
  • One of the key components of the 990 tax return is an explaining the organization’s program accomplishments. The IRS intentionally gives organizations the opportunity to brag about their year because it is a great way to catch the attention of potential donors. We encourage you to show off the organization’s achievements in our questionnaire so we can include it in the 990 report.
  • Inconsistencies in financial information and misunderstanding the financial statements are also issues our team often encounters. Please make sure all financial statements are correct and complete before submitting them.
  • Please ensure you also provide our team with an accurate bank statement for every account the organization maintains. Not providing this information will cause a delay in processing the organization’s 990 tax return.

What you can expect from BryteBridge during the 2023 Tax Season

  • Our team of tax professionals will work diligently to complete all orders by the IRS deadlines.
  • We prioritize organizations that have successfully completed an intake questionnaire and supplied accurate financials. Any pending information will delay filing the 990 and may require upgrading your order to include an extension request.
  • All nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 6-month extension, and we will submit them as needed for clients.
  • BryteBridge’s federal compliance services include information collection, analysis, and filing with the IRS. If accounting services are needed, please inform your consultant before placing your order since additional services or recommendations may be needed.

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