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Most charitable organizations need to file form IRS-990 every year as part of the annual tax filing process. Like individuals and businesses, nonprofit organizations of all kinds – educational, cultural, scientific, environmental, religious, and more- must file annual tax returns, including form 990 for nonprofits.

Larger, well-established nonprofits that have gross receipts greater than $50,000 will file Form IRS-990 or 990-EZ. Smaller organizations with gross receipts under that threshold have the choice of filing Form 990-N or 990-EZ.

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Understanding Form IRS-990 Filing Deadlines

Regardless of which 990 form your organization needs to file, it’s vital to adhere to the filing deadline, which is typically no later than the 15th day of the 5th month after your accounting period ends. For example, if your fiscal year closes on December 31st, the form 990 for nonprofits filing deadline is May 15th of the following year. While the IRS does provide extensions, filing on time is generally recommended.

We Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

The most common mistake when completing Form IRS-990 is neglecting to include Schedule A. Schedule A is necessary because it is where nonprofits list all salaries and benefits paid to staff and contractors. Schedule A also requests details about advocacy activity that is not addressed on Form 990.

If you need help understanding how to complete your nonprofit tax filings or you’re uncertain which Form IRS-990 your organization should complete, please complete our 990 readiness questionnaire and get in touch with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. Our experienced nonprofit specialists can guide you through tax season with minimal stress and worry.