BryteBridge in the Media


BryteBridge, a leading compliance service provider to the nonprofit community, announces a new BryteBridge Connect™ membership program to help nonprofits meet state and federal compliance requirements while providing ongoing education and consulting support. 


BryteBridge empowers dreamers and doers to build organizations that positively impact communities. We bridge ideas and reality through relationships, education, technology, and excellent service.


BryteBridge, a leading service provider to the Nonprofit community, announces a new technology platform to help Nonprofits meet State and Federal Compliance requirements. 


BryteBridge, a start-up, and development company for nonprofits, announces a new partnership with GrantStation to assist their Nonprofit clients in researching and securing grant funding.


We’re pleased to announce that we have completed our rebrand from CharityNet USA to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. It’s been a two-year journey, as we wanted to be mindful in our approach and exercise care with clients and prospective clients throughout the process.


BryteBridge, a start-up and development company for nonprofits, announces new Trademark services to assist their clients in securing Trademarks to protect their name, logos, and overall brand. Through BryteBridge’s Trademark services, nonprofits will have the opportunity to protect their brand from being infringed upon.


BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions (BryteBridge), a nonprofit start-up and development company, announces new outsourced grant management services that are often cost-prohibitive for nonprofits to implement in-house effectively.


BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions (BryteBridge), a nonprofit start-up and development company, announces the new to help current and prospective nonprofits navigate compliance requirements, access tools and resources, and gauge start-up and grant readiness levels.


BryteBridge president, Brian Davis, offers great advice to Nonprofit Business Advisor newsletter readers as a go-to-source on PPP loans.


In episode 60 of The Charity Charge Show, Stephen speaks with Brian Davis, President of BryteBridge.


Listen to our Director of Nonprofit Services, Andrea Ortega, and Nonprofit Founder & client Kenneth Brown discuss the ins and outs of Starting a Nonprofit on Rhea Wong’s RealTalk Podcast.


Nonprofits are a key part of the U.S. economy u2014 collectively, the third biggest employer by sector. And when the nonprofit sector is healthy and functioning, it benefits the for-profit sector as well.


Brian Davis, President and CEO of BryteBridge, joins Dan Loney on Wharton Business Daily to discuss the challenges new nonprofits are facing during the pandemic.


BryteBridge (formerly BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions), a leading provider of nonprofit services that focuses on nonprofit start-up, growth, and compliance, released a new report today that sheds light on the challenges new nonprofits face and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emerging nonprofits.


BryteBridge CEO Brian Davis spoke on the Nonprofit SnapCast podcast about the challenges nonprofits face in their early stages. Tune in now.


BryteBridge (formerly BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions), a leading charity startup and development company, to add insurance solutions to help their nonprofit clients have access to protective measures to safeguard their organizations, board members, employees, volunteers, and donor bases.


BryteBridge (formerly BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions) partners with Qgiv to provide fundraising software to help the thousands of nonprofits they serve continue to grow.


Weu2019re excited to announce that we are transitioning the BizCentral USA and BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions brands under our parent company,