Nonprofit Compliance Services

In most states, simply applying for federal tax-exempt status and maintaining 990 tax filings is insufficient for meeting state nonprofit compliance requirements. Charitable organizations must meet the specific requirements of the state they are registered in to solicit donations and apply for grant funding. Failure to maintain an organization’s 501c3 compliance may result in penalties and fines, and can hurt your nonprofit’s reputation.

We Help You Through Important Dates for 501(C)(3) Compliance

Running a nonprofit at the start-up stage often means staff members wear “many hats.” With so many different roles and responsibilities, it’s easy to lose track of crucial 501c3 compliance deadlines. Our nonprofit compliance checklist features four critical dates that you can add to your calendar.

  • Your organization’s fiscal year-end date. This may be December 31, but it can vary based on your organization.
  • Dates for creating your budget and securing board approval. Your operating budget and accounts payable and receivable data will be needed to complete your tax forms. In many organizations, your board will also need to approve them.
  • Dates for sending year-end tax receipts. Donation receipts must be sent to donors every January.
  • Form 990 and 990-N due dates. Depending on the amount of money your organization earns, you may need to complete Form 990 or Form 990-N.

Get Everything You Need for Nonprofit Compliance in One Place

In addition to following the dates on the nonprofit compliance checklist, BryteBridge can help your organization complete the necessary federal and state tax forms you’ll need to maintain 501c3 compliance. Our primary goal is to make this process as smooth and effortless for you and your organization as possible. We will work with you to ensure you have efficient: Home Page Portal

Important Information

How to start a 501(c)(3) by

Let Us Help with Your 501c3 Compliance for Peace of Mind

Working with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions on your nonprofit compliance checklist and nonprofit compliance requirements helps you stay focused on what truly matters. We help ensure your nonprofit maintains its positive tax standing. If you need more information or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us to get started today.

State Compliance
$ 449
  • Ensures all current required annual state compliance documents are completed to allow you to continue legally soliciting donations in accordance with state & federal guidelines. State and Sales Tax Exemptions are sold separately.
  • Online Portal To Monitor Compliance Status
  • Annual Report
  • Charity Registration (or renewal)
  • Up to $100 in state filing Fees. (If applicable)

State Compliance Features

State Compliance Overview

Our state compliance service are designed to ensure your nonprofit is current with annual state requirements, in your home or designated state allowing your organization to legally operate and solicit donations in accordance with state guidelines.

Charity Registration

Most states require a charity registration or solicitation to solicit and accept donations. Required to legally ask the public for donations

Business Portal

Online access to monitor compliance status, summarizing our findings, view work that was completed, and see important due dates.

Annual Report

Complete annual reports required by the state to acknowledge nonprofit is active and to alert state of any changes.


If electronic filings are available, we will submit all filings on your behalf electronically to the state. State fees are included , up to $100. The compliance services are per state, and don’t include multiple states.

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