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Understanding the process of grant writing for nonprofits is essential because grants are a necessary source of income for many organizations across the USA.

Grants are available to qualifying nonprofits through private foundations or government entities; moreover, the competition for this funding is intense! It’s estimated that less than 20% of grant applications receive funding. Therefore, your nonprofit’s grant application must stand out.

If you don’t have the experience, you may want to consider contracting with a grant writing services professional who can help you plan the right strategy for grant solicitation. 

Grant writing for nonprofits requires skill and professional expertise to ensure the targeted funder is a good fit. Hiring an experienced grants acquisitions team can potentially place your organization in a better position to gain funding for your chosen programs or projects.

Benefits of using these services include research to identify grants, experience with grant writing for nonprofits, writing letters of inquiry, completing proposals, submitting applications, assisting in budget creation, building budget support narratives; reviewing existing grant proposals; preparing strategic plans; analyzing your organization’s grant readiness, and assisting with other 501(c)(3) needs.

Expertise in Grant Writing for Nonprofits

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions invests extensively to access multiple grant databases of foundations that possess the funding to support charities nationwide by offering nonprofit startup grants. We leverage those databases to identify foundations serving your cause, programs, and geographical areas. Additionally, we pair our clients with a nonprofit development specialist and a grant writing services professional to deliver high-quality research and grant writing for nonprofits.

What grant writing services does BryteBridge offer?

We offer several grant writing options depending on the organization’s needs and budget.

  • Our Case for Support  writing service gives organizations of any size a professionally-written statement of need. This document answers most grantmaking foundations’ questions and is intended to help start a grant application journey.
  • Our Grant Research service searches foundations to determine grant opportunities tailored to your funding needs. Should your organization be ready to submit, we also offer application writing and submitting services as an upgrade.
  • Our Grant Management service offers ongoing grant research and submission services. Organizations with strong administrative support and measurable programmatic and fundraising success are eligible for this service.

Understanding Our Grant Writing Services for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits

We offer three options to fit each organization’s stage and unique needs: Case Statement writing service, Grant Research, and ongoing Grants Management.

Case For Support Statement


Any nonprofit looking for a professionally written case for support is eligible for this service.

Benefits Include:

  • Grant Readiness Consultation
  • Organizational Evalutaiton
  • Professionally Written Case Statement

Grant Research Service


Established 501(c)(3) nonprofits seeking grant opportunities tailored to their needs.

Benefits Include:

  • Grant Readiness Consultation
  • Organizational Evaluation
  • Identification of Funding Sources
  • Strategic Application Advice
  • Add On Submission Service

Grant Management


Established nonprofits committed to the long-term investment of an active and ongoing grant submission strategy.

Benefits Include:

  • 3, 6, and 12-month engagement terms
  • Grant Needs Consultation
  • Organizational Evaluation
  • Identification of Funding Sources
  • Strategic Application Advice
  • Submission Services
  • Regular Status Updates
  • Guaranteed Submissions
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Why Choose Us for Grant Writing Services?

At BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, our qualified grant writers have extensive experience in grant writing services for nonprofits. Our unique and guaranteed research process to determine available grants for organizations ensures you’ll receive the best funding resources. By matching programs, geography, funding windows, and applications processes, our grant writing services team removes much of the stress associated with the application process at a competitive rate. Then, we produce and mail or electronically send your grants for submission to foundations nationwide.

Enjoy a Turnkey Approach to Securing Your Funding

We understand the difficulties that nonprofits face in acquiring a grant writer. But why allow limited funding and a lack of professional support to stop you from helping others? Trust our experienced consultants to develop your professional proposals or assist your organization in getting prepared for funding opportunities and nonprofit startup grants.

Our team at BryteBridge Nonprofit Solution can complete full-sized grants for your organization and guarantee all research towards your grant proposal. 

Please note: while many nonprofits rely on grant funding to fiscally support their organizations, not all organizations are prepared for the grant proposal process. 

Our team is extremely transparent regarding your grant eligibility. If you are not the best fit for our grant writing services, we will let you know! 

For eligible nonprofits, we provide resources and options when you’re moving forward with funding strategies for your nonprofit. Best of all, our rates are very competitive, and we offer flexible payment methods.

Grant Writing for Nonprofits FAQ

Our grant research service is a limited-time engagement and limits nonprofits to what is available at that moment and time. The grant management services offer an alternative to hiring an in-house grant management team.

Grant management is designed for organizations that want ongoing grant research but are either not ready to hire an in-house grant management team, do not want the added overhead, or do not have the financial means to hire a grant management team.

Our grant management services include a grant coordinator, grant writer, and information pulled from multiple grant databases and grant management technology.

Each grant management package includes a case statement explicitly created for your organization’s programs, foundation research based on the package size chosen, a dedicated grant coordinator to provide grant readiness guidance and education, and a dedicated grant writer.

We seek grant funding solely from private foundations.

Historically, grantors required a formal grant proposal document as the initial approach for funding, but recently many grantors have moved to online portals for their initial grant applications. The case statement replaces outdated proposal documents and answers most foundations’ questions.

Each case statement includes the following:

  • Summary
  • Organizational Information
  • Need Statement
  • Solutions
  • Methodology
  • Evaluation
  • Sustainability

A Letter of Inquiry (also known as a Letter of Intent) allows the grantor to better gauge and understand your organization’s programs to determine if they are interested in learning more about your organization. This document consists of a one- or two-page brief of the proposed project or programs requiring funding. Some foundations require this letter as the initial application to ensure the project falls within their giving guidelines. The foundation may then request in-depth information to decide.

Grantors may request any, or all, of the following documents to be included with grant applications:

  • A copy of the organization’s IRS Determination Letter
  • The organization’s operational & program budgets for the next fiscal year
  • A copy of the organization’s most recently filed 990s (not 990n)
  • A copy of the organization’s last audited financial statement
  • A current list of all board members, executive leadership, and paid staff
  • A list of major donors, including grantors, corporate sponsors, etc.

If you are denied funding because a grantor does not support your geographical location or the foundation does not support programs like yours, we will replace that grant application with another. Foundation requirements are subject to change and may not be updated in our databases. We will not replace the application if the funding is denied simply because the foundation has chosen to fund a different program or organization.

No, it would be unethical to make such a promise. However, we guarantee thorough research and the quality of the applications we submit. We work hard to understand what foundations are looking for, and we customize all applications to the specific formats requested by grantors. Getting funded largely depends on your organization’s history of successful program implementation, the quality of programs offered, the methodology utilized, and proven long-term financial sustainability. Between the proactive steps you take with your organization and our services, we feel confident we can help bring you closer to obtaining grant funding.

Some grant applicants may be approved for and receive funding within a year, while others may take years to obtain grant funding. However, just like advertising to create awareness, grant funding must be implemented as part of many diversified fundraising strategies. This is why we offer ongoing grant management services. Applying for grants can be lengthy, and it may take several attempts over multiple years with the same grantors before an organization is approved for funding.

No. This practice is considered against the American Association of Grant Professionals’ code of ethics. BryteBridge does not engage in any practice that may hinder your organization’s chance of receiving funding.

Yes! Our BryteBridge Cares foundation offers microgrants to nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Learn more about this opportunity.

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