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Start Your Grant Evaluation

Grant Readiness Evaluation

Preparing Your Organization’s Grant Readiness Checklist

A key component when conducting a nonprofit evaluation is determining if the organization will be able to secure grant funding from foundations and private philanthropic sources. Unfortunately, the competition is fierce when it comes to securing grants—less than 20% of all grant applicants receive funding. Because of this, your organization’s grant funding application needs to shine and show you have a proven track record of financial and organizational stability.

Carefully Review Our Grant Readiness Checklist

This checklist provides a general overview of the benchmarks your organization should master to present a robust grant application:

Even if your organization hasn’t attained all benchmarks on our grant readiness checklist, don’t worry! BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions connects our client organizations with a development specialist and an experienced grant writer to help you find and apply for appropriate and attainable funding.

Grant Readiness: Starting Your Nonprofit Grant Evaluation Process

As part of BryteBridge’s nonprofit evaluation process, we’re going to ask you a series of questions about your nonprofit’s organization and financial status. Please answer each of the questions as honestly as possible. This information is necessary for helping us to prepare appropriate resources and services. Regardless of how you answer each question, we have solutions to help you and your nonprofit attain funding success.