Since inception, BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions
has helped over 45,000 nonprofits nationwide



I called an attorney that handles becoming incorporated. I didn’t like the cookie cutter approach that they offered. I needed to understand the process of starting a nonprofit. They had neither the desire nor time (unless I paid them a substantial fee of course) to help me. It was at this time that I Googled “How to start a nonprofit” BryteBridge was one of the links that came up. I chose BryteBridge because it was literally a one-stop shop for all of your nonprofit needs. From forming a 501c3 to Grant writing and even Website design.


Legacy Community Restoration Foundation


I chose BryteBridge for its know-how and skills as well as its leadership.


Collective of Thinkers for the Sustainable Development of Haiti Inc


We chose BryteBridge because of their long-time experience.


God's Light International Ministries


My impression of BryteBridge has been Peace of mind, kindness, very informative… great communication.


Sunflowers Life Skills After School Center


Our foundation chose BryteBridge because they are a one stop shop and user friendly and quickness in filing of necessary forms and fast IRS approval. 



Awesome Service! BryteBridge got my state and IRS paperwork completed faster than if I did this on my own. You get the job done the right way. 

Dr. Williamson Johnson

Heritage Erudite Charter School


A friend of mine who started a nonprofit 2 years prior told me about BryteBridge and how easy you made the 501(c)3 process for her and her ministry. After I spoke to her in length, another friend reached out and said they used you as well. 


Restoration Nation Retreat


We chose BryteBridge because of the reviews and your agency called me back other agencies did not respond quickly. BryteBridge staff has encouraged me to continue my efforts because they have been an aide assisting me by answering and addressing my questions.


Help Soar Inc.


The program was a bit more costly than expected, but I wanted to ensure that things were done correctly and legal. After speaking to my consultant and nonprofit specialist it was clear they were very knowledgeable and helped explain the process to me.


Wayne High School Volleyball Booster


Fast and prompt service. My State documents was approved in 7 days. Just signed my Completed 1023 application. Looking for that to be approved before the month is out.


Georgia Bible Institute


We have received everything, in such a timely fashion. Far beyond my expectations. My Nonprofit specialist went above and beyond in helping me, us, Hospice Lens!

Emily Ball

Hospice Lens


I would have hired someone who was more expensive and without enough vast and broad knowledge in 501c3. In other words, no other company would know that the 501c3 is retroactive to the date you set up the nonprofit. Thank Goodness for BryteBridge


Emunah Warehouse of Florida Inc.


We were referred to BryteBridge by a group we admire and knew in order for them to refer, they have to be good. They have helped turn my Nonprofit into a well-known organization in my community.


Hip Hop Bootcamp