BryteBridge Connect
An All-In-One Solution for
Building a Thriving Nonprofit

Empowering Nonprofits from Launch to Impact

BryteBridge Connect offers a one-stop platform equipping nonprofit leaders with everything they need to succeed. Connect also offers peace of mind, allowing nonprofit leaders to focus on what matters most – making a difference in their community – while we handle the administrative burden!

Connect membership offers:
  • Ongoing Support and Consultation from a Dedicated Team of Nonprofit Experts
  • Enhanced Revenue and Fundraising Success
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Strengthened Impact and Mission Fulfillment
  • Minimized Risk and Enhanced Compliance (with Connect + Compliance)
  • Simplified Management of Multiple State Deadlines (with Connect + Additional States)

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BryteBridge Connect offers a one-stop platform with everything needed to succeed as a nonprofit leader.

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Connect + Compliance




BryteBridge Connect offers a one-stop platform with everything needed to succeed as a nonprofit leader. Connect membership includes unlimited access to our expert-led educational platform, plus consulting and support from our team of nonprofit experts.

BryteBridge Connect is your all-in-one solution for building a thriving nonprofit. We provide:

Master essential skills in fundraising, marketing, compliance, grant writing, and more.

  • BryteBridge Academy: Combining our years of experience and best practices, BryteBridge Academy is our comprehensive online learning system. Our self-paced courses cover fundraising, administration, marketing, and more.
  • Unlimited BryteBridge Bootcamps: Join our multiple-week, live group classes with other nonprofit leaders. These bootcamps help you create organizational strategies while networking and learning from peers.
  • BryteBridge Resource Guides: Access downloadable workbooks and toolkits to help you develop plans and strategies for your nonprofit.

Get personalized guidance from our team with live office hours and priority service whenever you need it.

  • Office Hours Calls: Gain access to our monthly office hours video calls. These sessions allow you to ask questions, learn from others, and grow as a nonprofit leader.
  • Connect Support Tickets: Use our online client portal to track and monitor your organization. The portal also includes a membership question system for asking compliance and education-related questions.
  • One (1) 1:1 Consultation Annually: Address complex questions with a personalized session. Connect memberships include one annual consultation with our expert consultants for tailored guidance for your organization.
  • Priority Order Handling: As a Connect member, your orders move to the front of the processing line, and you enjoy a discount on additional BryteBridge services.
  • Grant Station: Unlock access to an extensive grant database and discover opportunities that align with your mission.
  • Exclusive Partner Discounts: Our partners offer significant discounts on marketing, bookkeeping, and more services.
  • Annual 990-N Filing: Available upon request for qualified organizations.
  • Nonprofit Platform: Unlock a members-only dashboard in the BryteBridge Client Portal for quick and easy access to all your Connect membership benefits.



The Connect + Compliance upgrade adds worry-free compliance to any Connect membership. Our team will handle the stress of state and federal filings, ensuring your organizations remain fully compliant. This allows you to focus on what truly matters – making a difference in your community – while we handle the administrative burden.

The Connect + Compliance upgrade includes:

Focus on your mission, not paperwork. We handle your state and federal filings.

  • 990-EZ, 990 (Full Form), or 990-PF: Preparation and filing of the appropriate IRS annual tax return for your nonprofit organization, ensuring compliance with federal tax regulations.
  • Annual Report: Creation and filing of your organization’s annual report to maintain good standing with state regulatory agencies and provide transparency to donors and stakeholders.
  • Charity Registration Renewal: Renewal of your charity’s registration with state agencies to ensure continued compliance with state fundraising regulations.
  • State Monitoring Service: Ongoing monitoring of your nonprofit’s compliance status across various states, alerting you to any upcoming deadlines or changes in state regulations.
  • One (1) State Amendment Annually: Annual service to update or amend your organization’s state filings, such as changes to your nonprofit’s name, address, or board members.
  • State Sales Tax Exemption (Upon Request): Assistance in applying for state sales tax exemption, allowing your organization to make tax-free purchases where applicable.
  • State Income Tax Exemption (Upon Request): Support in applying for state income tax exemption, ensuring your organization is exempt from paying state income taxes where eligible.
  • One (1) Additional 1:1 Consultation Annually: Receive an extra personalized consultation session each year with our expert consultants, providing tailored advice and support specific to your organization’s needs.
  • Remote Online Notary Service: Access convenient online notary services for your nonprofit’s documents, allowing you to complete notarizations remotely and securely without the need to visit a notary in person.

Search thousands of grant opportunities with a FREE GrantStation membership included with every Connect membership!

Your All-In-One Solution
For Building a Thriving Nonprofit

BryteBridge Connect offers a one-stop platform with everything people need to succeed as a nonprofit leader. Connect membership includes unlimited access to our expert-led educational platform, plus consulting and support from our team of nonprofit experts.

BryteBridge FAQs for Nonprofit Startups

Anyone can sign up for BryteBridge Connect at any time. Connect + Compliance requires an active 501(c) determination. Revoked organizations must complete a reinstatement before adding Connect + Compliance. Organizations out of compliance will need to pair Connect + Compliance with an appropriate past-due compliance order.

The Connect + Additional States add-on extends our worry-free compliance to as many states as the client needs. Instead of three different add-ons that cover a pre-packaged number of states, Connect + Additional States is one add-on with a quantity field. The pricing will automatically adjust based on the quantity included:

  • 1-5 Additional States: $49/state/month
  • 6-20 Additional States: $39/state/month
  • 21+ Additional States: $25/state/month

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) must be reported to the IRS with Form 990-T. This version of the 990 does not replace an existing 990 but is added to either a 990-EZ, 990, or 990-PF. Connect + Compliance members can add on Form 990-T filing for an upgrade fee.

All BryteBridge Connect members have unlimited portal-based support tickets for active orders. Additionally, each Connect member can ask our team of nonprofit experts for general guidance on your organization’s day-to-day operations. We strive to answer quick questions or provide direction within 72 hours.

Complex questions or ones that require research may require a 1:1 consultation, which is included with most Connect memberships. Combined with the BryteBridge Academy, Office Hours, and 1:1 Consultations, our portal-based support connects members with a well-rounded, dedicated team of nonprofit experts.

For example, questions like “What is the best way to reach potential donors?” or “Can my nonprofit rent space from another nonprofit?” are great for portal-based support tickets or Office Hours.

However, questions such as “Can you help us figure out a plan to increase fundraising revenue by 30%?” or “I own a for-profit business, and I want to rent space to my nonprofit business. Can you help me set everything up?” are far better suited for a 1:1 consultation.

Our 1:1 consultation services connect you with one of our nonprofit experts to work through your questions and complex situations. Have questions that cannot be answered during Office Hours or through our portal? The 1:1 consultation is an excellent opportunity to go deeper. Have tax questions or need clarification about tax return details? Our 1:1 consultation can walk you through the reporting details.

You are free to cancel at any time. The Connect + Compliance upgrade requires a minimum of six (6) months of membership. Early cancelation may result in a fee.

The BryteBridge Academy is an exclusive benefit of BryteBridge Connect.

BryteBrige Bootcamps are an exclusive benefit of BryteBridge Connect.

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