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*** Important Note: Effective 1-1-2024, Grant Research is only Available to BryteBridge Connect Members***

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For established nonprofits, grant funding is an opportunity to expand programming and support ongoing development. We recommend that organizations target no more than 3-10% of their total income from grant funding.

Our grant services help nonprofits prepare and find foundations to target. We will research and locate viable foundations that align with your mission or project and complete a professionally written case for support. Regardless of your nonprofit’s mission, we have the expertise and knowledge to support your grant-funding efforts. Our services include a development consultation call, professional writing and research, and more. Our databases of targeted-funding foundations have information on key contact personnel, application formats, eligibility requirements, and specific giving priorities, all need-to-know items to ensure your nonprofit’s success

Our grant writing services include:

Each grant Case Statement package consists of a professionally written document created specifically to highlight your case for support, a dedicated grant coordinator to provide grant readiness guidance and education, and a dedicated grant writer.

Historically, grantors have required a formal grant proposal document as the initial approach for funding. Recently many grantors have moved to online portals for their initial applications. The Case Statement is the document we create specifically for your organization that replaces the outdated proposal document. The Case Statement is intended to answer the most common grant application questions, so you are prepared to apply.

  • Executive Summary
  • Organizational Information
  • Need Statement
  • Solutions
  • Methodology
  • Evaluation
  • Sustainability

We provide grant research solely from private foundations.

A Letter of Inquiry (also known as a Letter of Intent) allows the grantor to better gauge and understand your organization’s programs to determine if they are interested in learning more about your organization. This document typically consists of a short outline of the proposed project or programs that require funding. Some foundations require this letter as the initial point of contact to ensure the project falls within their giving guidelines. The foundation may then let the organization know when and if more in-depth information should be submitted.

Depending on the application deadline for researched grants, we may be able to submit applications on your behalf. Submissions are not included in Case Statement or Research projects but may be added when discussing with your Development Specialist. Our Grant Management service provides a full-service product that includes our Case Statement, Research, and submissions.

Grantors may request a copy of your organization’s IRS Determination Letter, your organization’s operational & program budgets for the next fiscal year, a copy of your organization’s most recent filed 990s, a current list of all board members, executive leadership, and paid staff, a list of any major donors, including grantors and corporate sponsors, a W9, and audited financial statements.

Grant funding is highly competitive since there are few foundations compared to the number of nonprofits requesting funding. If a grant foundation rejects your funding application, you can likely reapply in the following cycle.

No, it would be unethical to make such a promise. We do, however, ensure thorough research and the quality of our work. Funding largely depends on your organization’s history of successful program implementation, the quality of programs offered, the methodology utilized and proven long-term financial sustainability. Between the proactive steps you take with your organization and our services, we feel confident we can help your organization be competitive and compelling to grant founders.

Some grant applicants may be approved for and receive funding within a year, while it may take other applicants years to obtain grant funding. However, just like advertising to create awareness, grant funding must be implemented as part of a diversified fundraising strategy.

Many grantors are against this practice, and the AAGP has ruled this unethical. BryteBrige does not want to facilitate any method that may hurt your chances of receiving funding.

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