IRS Form 990 Common Errors

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions is the expert in filing official paperwork with the IRS for your nonprofit 501c3. We have provided a few of the IRS form 990 common errors we have seen to assist you. 

  • The most common error is forgetting to file the IRS form 990 or not knowing to file the IRS Form 990. Failing to complete the 990 for three consecutive years can result in losing 501(C)(3) status.
  • Incomplete Schedule A, the form section requires charities and certain charitable trusts to list the salaries and benefits awarded to top officials and to top-paid independent contractors. This part of the form also focuses on advocacy activity and contains additional questions not covered on Form 990 itself.
  • Failing to note primary exempt mission as required in the statement of program accomplishments.
  • Arithmetic errors account for about 20% of all 990 tax returns.
  • Missing signatures of the organization’s officers.
  • Failure to attach required supporting schedules.
  • Incorrect tax year.
IRS 990 Form Common Errors with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions

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