How do I cancel my Registered Agent Service?

We provide Registered Agent Services through our registered agent partners. We cannot independently cancel registered agent service due to the legal obligation to have a registered agent. A registered agent must be on file with the state. Being without one can incur penalties for the company in violation or even a revocation of authority of that business to operate in the state. However, if you would still like to cancel your Registered Agent, you will need to change your Registered Agent on file with the state.

Instructions for changing your registered Agent:

To change Registered Agents for your company is as simple as filing a change of agent request with your state, which we are happy to assist with for any state. If you have already filed a Change of Agent for any state we serve, please call us at 1 (877) 857-9002 or email us at [email protected] to update that info and formally cancel your registered agent account. Alternatively, if your business has withdrawn from or dissolved in a state where our partner was the Registered Agent of record, please contact us using the above info. Once we confirm our registered agent partner is no longer the Registered Agent or that the business has ceased, we will cancel your account.

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