Strategic Plan

Strategic planning refers to a coordinated and systematic process for developing a plan for the organization’s overall direction. The primary purpose of a strategic plan is ensuring the limited resources available to the nonprofit support the mission. Developing a quality strategic plan encompasses both strategy and tactics or implementation.

Like a Business Plan in the for-profit world, a Strategic Plan’s primary motive is providing knowledge about an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and how to make decisions based on this knowledge. A Strategic Plan should act as a blueprint for organizations and is especially helpful for new nonprofits.

A quality Strategic Plan brings all stakeholders to the table with shared responsibility and goals. A good Strategic Plan also ensures the nonprofit stays laser-focused on the organization’s primary purpose.

Specific reasons to consider a strategic plan include:

  • Providing the organization control over external forces.
  • Serving as a tool for decision making and resource allocation.
  • Bringing all stakeholders together and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Raising awareness of current issues plaguing the organization.
  •  Motivating key board and staff members within the organization.
  • Creating a fundraising and public relations plans.
  • Relating organizational capacity to community needs.

While there is no wrong time for strategic planning, new organizations should consider it a high priority. The board should review and update strategic plans annually to ensure the organization is continually targeting the next steps and growth. Additionally, any time an organization experiences a significant change or problem, the board should update the strategic plan.

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected all nonprofit organizations. 79% of our survey respondents saw a decrease in revenue. 38% of those reported decreased funding was greater than 50% of the entire organization’s annual revenue. These are dramatic numbers. It’s also a good time to unite the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders around a unified strategy through an updated (or newly created) strategic plan.

BryteBridge specialists can develop Strategic Plans in partnership with your Board of Directors, providing a quality guide for the organization’s leadership.

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