BryteBridge To Offer Insurance To Nonprofits

BryteBridge, a leading charity startup and development company, to add insurance solutions to help their nonprofit clients have access to protective measures to safeguard their organizations, board members, employees, volunteers, and donor bases.

“We work with nonprofits at every stage of their journey—from a nonprofit start-up obtaining their 501(c)(3) status to achieving their first grant. It’s a natural extension of our services to add insurance solutions to help protect our nonprofit clients, so they can focus on their mission and programs with peace of mind,” says Brian Davis, BryteBridge President. 

BryteBridge clients will have access to often difficult to place insurance products for nonprofits. Key insurance products that are available include General Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance, Professional Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Auto.

Insurance products will be delivered through a partnership between BryteBridge Insurance Solutions, LLC, and The Cothron Group, Inc. (TCG), an agency specializing in insurance for nonprofits. Through the partnership, BryteBridge clients will have access to products from the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, RRG (ANI). ANI is considered the expert in providing customized insurance for 501c3 nonprofits. No nonprofit is too large or too small, including startup nonprofits. 

“We look forward to working with the BryteBridge team to help 501(c)(3) nonprofits obtain quality insurance coverage,” says Kevin Cothron, President of TCG. As an added benefit, nonprofits who obtain insurance through the partnership with BryteBridge and ANI will receive member benefits such as education and risk management resources (including board management tools), human resource training, risk management tools, and training, business continuity training, and much more.

“The reason we are working with TCG and ANI is that they are dedicated to the nonprofit community, in fact, ANI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, itself. As such, they understand the specific needs of nonprofits and the challenges they face obtaining the best insurance solutions to fit their needs,” says Davis. 

“We look forward to helping nonprofits leverage insurance solutions to attract quality board members, protect employees and volunteers, safeguard against financial loss, and protect third parties such as visitors, clients, and donors from bodily injury.”

About BryteBridge: Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, BryteBridge is a charity startup and development company that offers nonprofit consulting services to help nonprofit organizations get started, grow, and maintain compliance. Expanding from nonprofit registration services in 2004, BryteBridge’s current consultative approach pairs each client with a dedicated team consisting of both a nonprofit consultant and a nonprofit specialist. From incorporation, charity registration, tax exemption, strategic planning, grant writing, 990 tax filing, bookkeeping, web design, marketing, and everything in between, BryteBridge works to ensure nonprofits are positioned to make an impact in not only their local communities but also the causes they passionately believe in. For more information on BryteBridge, please visit

About BryteBridge Insurance Solutions LLC (BBIS): BryteBridge Insurance Solutions LLC was started in 2020 as a complementary service due to the demand from nonprofit clients

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