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BryteBridge Connect Core is a comprehensive program that revolutionizes the way nonprofit organizations thrive. BryteBridge Connect Core offers a unique and powerful platform that connects you with high-quality nonprofit education and exceptional support. Become a core member today! 

By connecting these crucial elements into an all-encompassing monthly membership program, BryteBridge Connect Core empowers you with the tools and knowledge you need to make a lasting impact in your community. Say goodbye to fragmented solutions and welcome an era of efficiency and effectiveness, where your organization’s success is our mission. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the true potential of your nonprofit with BryteBridge Connect Core.

Connect Core

Ideal for people who want to become better nonprofit leaders and do not require our compliance services. BryteBridge Connect Core Membership includes high-quality nonprofit educational resources and support.

$79 per Month Nonprofit Support and Education

How does it work?

BryteBridge Connect Core memberships provide your nonprofit organization with access to our entire educational platform and additional personalized support. Core members receive access to our full educational courses, development boot camps, extensive knowledge base, and more. In addition to our extensive educational platforms, we’re here to provide you with dedicated support. BryteBridge Connect gives you access to our online portal, live office hours, and one-on-one consultations to offer the dedicated support you need. Nonprofit Education and Support bundled into one budget-friendly monthly subscription.

  • Nonprofit Education: Our mission is to support your mission, and we fully believe that comes with extensive education and resources. BryteBridge Connect provides access to the BryteBridge Academy, Boot Camps, our Knowledge Base, and more.
  • Exceptional Support: In addition to our extensive educational platforms, we’re here to provide you with dedicated support. BryteBridge Connect gives you access to our online portal, live office hours, and one-on-one consultations to offer the dedicated support you need.

What's Included Nonprofit Education


Combining our years of experience and best practices, The BryteBridge Academy is our comprehensive online learning system. Our self-paced courses cover fundraising, administration, marketing, and more. The BryteBridge Academy is your hub for hands-on nonprofit education.

Our BryteBridge Boot Camps combine a group of nonprofit leaders for multiple-week, live group classes. Boot Camps walk you through creating development and marketing strategies for your organization while being able to learn from and network with other nonprofit leaders. All Connect memberships receive a discount on our Boot Camps, while Pro and Elite memberships include a complimentary registration in one (1) development boot camp of your choice each year.

The BryteBridge Online Knowledge Base contains articles on every aspect of your nonprofit’s operation. Look up your questions and find answers from our years of experience and research into best practices. Our Knowledge Base is built into your client portal and included with every membership.

We’ve built out numerous PDF guides and workbooks to guide you through various aspects of running a nonprofit. Members unlock access to all of our guides. Nonprofit Support


Some questions require more nuance and detail specific to your organization. Our Connect memberships include access to one of our senior-level consultants for a personalized group coaching session. Ask your development or operational questions directly to one of our experts, and we’ll tailor a response specifically for you. Select and Pro memberships include one (1) senior-level coaching call annually, and Elite memberships include two (2).

Membership comes with access to our monthly office hours video calls. These monthly sessions allow you to ask questions, learn from others, and grow as a nonprofit leader. If you can’t make the call, we email the video so you can still watch and participate at your convenience.

Our online client portal includes everything you need to track and monitor your organization. It also provides access to our support ticket system. In addition to unlimited order support tickets, membership includes bonus opportunities specifically to ask your compliance and education-related questions. The Select Membership includes four (4) bonus tickets annually, the Pro Membership includes six (6), and the Elite Membership includes eight (8) bonus tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

All BryteBridge Connect members have unlimited portal-based support tickets for active orders. Additionally, each Connect member can ask our team of nonprofit experts for general guidance on the day-to-day operation of your organization. We strive to answer quick questions or provide direction within 72 hours.

Complex questions or ones that require research may require a senior-level consultation, which is included with most Connect memberships. When combined with the BryteBridge Academy, Office Hours, and Senior-Level Consultations, Our portal-based support connects members with a well-rounded, dedicated team of nonprofit experts.

For example, questions such as “What is the best way to reach potential donors?” or “Can my nonprofit rent space from another nonprofit?” are great questions for portal-based support tickets or Office Hours.

However, questions such as “Can you help us figure out a plan to increase fundraising revenue by 30%?” or “I own a for-profit business, and I want to rent space to my nonprofit business. Can you help me set everything up?” are far better suited for a senior-level consultation.

You are free to cancel at any time. However, an early termination fee may apply. Early termination fees are pro-rated based on the length of the subscription and the work completed.

No. The BryteBridge Academy online learning platform is only available as part of our Connect memberships.

Information contained on or made available through the BryteBridge Connect membership program and client portal is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice, recommendations, mediation, or counseling under any circumstance, and no attorney-client relationship is formed. We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or currency of the information contained in or linked to the site. Your use of information on the site or materials linked to the site is entirely at your own risk. We are not a law firm, and our site is not a lawyer referral service. BryteBridge is a consulting service. At times, we may provide general recommendations that may include advice on when to consider hiring a lawyer or legal professional.

BryteBridge personnel may, from time to time, recommend third-party software or other products and services for your consideration. BRYTEBRIDGE MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WHATSOEVER REGARDING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT ARE NOT PURCHASED FROM BRYTEBRIDGE, INCLUDING THE COMPATIBILITY OF SUCH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WITH BRYTEBRIDGE SOFTWARE. Your use of any such products and services is governed by the terms of your agreement with the provider of those products and services.

*Monthly Payments: The first monthly payment will be charged on the same day the setup fee is charged or shortly thereafter.