Corporate Sponsorship

What is a Corporate Sponsorship?

Building your organization’s capacity is crucial to its survival and success in today’s economy, as most American nonprofit organizations struggle with growth and sustainability. A targeted corporate sponsorship solicitation allows nonprofit organizations to secure funding and in-kind donations while forging relationships with local business partners.

Corporate sponsorships are marketing partnerships where for-profit businesses align themselves with a charitable organization or cause in exchange for financial donations or support.

Goals of a Corporate Sponsorship:

  • Mutually Beneficial –The nonprofit receives financial support; the business gets introduced to new prospective clients.
  • Brand Alignment – Audiences can associate the brand with a general sense of social good and charitable cause. For example, Animal Rescue and Pet Food Store
  • Objectives & Communication –Both the nonprofit and the business need to be open about what each party hopes to accomplish through the partnership.

Build Relationships with Local Corporate Partners

BryteBridge Corporate Sponsorship Services

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions can support your organization by developing the tools to kick-start your corporate sponsorship strategy. We create a high-quality partnership brochure, customizable donation request letter, and a list of at least 100 business contacts in your area to start building relationships and request support.

How Does It Work?

Corporate Sponsorship Made Easy!

1. Order

After placing an order, we will email you an invitation to your personalized online client portal.

2. Strategy Meeting

You’ll schedule a call with a development specialist to discuss your fundraising strategy and how best to seek corporate sponsorships.

3. Build Relationships

With the tools developed by BryteBridge, you’ll be ready to network and build partnerships with local business owners.

Why Should I Build Corporate Partnerships?

A successful corporate sponsorship should benefit both the nonprofit and its sponsor.

Partnering with local businesses can help increase a nonprofit’s visibility and gain support from the community. By aligning with a local business, the nonprofit can tap into the business’s existing customer base and expand its reach.

Local businesses often have a wealth of resources and expertise that nonprofits can leverage. This may include marketing resources, event planning expertise, or access to specialized equipment or facilities.

Corporate partnerships with local businesses can provide nonprofits with a reliable source of financial support. This can help nonprofits to achieve their mission and sustain their operations over the long term. In addition, partnering with local businesses can also provide opportunities for fundraising events, sponsorships, and in-kind donations.

Start Building Partnerships

Unlock new opportunities for your nonprofit's growth and success by purchasing a corporate sponsorship package with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions today.

Why Trust BryteBridge?


BryteBridge experts have worked with thousands of nonprofit organizations, providing guidance and tools to build a successful corporate partnership strategy.




Our team of nonprofit experts includes development specialists and graphic designers. We’ll ensure your organization is ready to begin a corporate sponsorship strategy with high-quality marketing materials and advice.


BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions can assist your organization with developing the tools you need to kick-start your Corporate Sponsorship efforts. In addition, we can help with strategic planning, grant writing, fundraising education, and partnership with online fundraising platform Qgiv, Legacy Websites, and much more.

Easy to Understand Pricing, No Hidden Costs

Explore our corporate sponsorship package below and order within 2 minutes!

Corporate Sponsorship Package
$ 999
  • Includes the tools necessary to request donations from local businesses.
  • Dedicated Specialist
  • Organization Compliance Review
  • Sponsorship Brochure
  • Donation Request Letter
  • Adobe Stock Photos
  • Custom Graphics
  • Local Research
  • 200 Professionally Printed Brochures

Corporate Sponsorship Package Features

Dedicated Specialist

Your dedicated specialist will work to understand your organization and ensure your corporate sponsorship meets your requests.

Donation Request Letter

Customized letter to request business or individual donations

Compliance Review

Complimentary review of your organization’s compliance status with your state and the IRS to ensure you are in compliance to operate.

Photos and Graphics

Professionally taken pictures to fit your organization and/or professional vector images in your branding colors.

Sponsorship Brochure

A brochure with content about your organization to give to potential sponsors

Local Research

Your dedicated specialist will run a database query of 100 established businesses in your designated area and provide you a list of businesses to seek corporate sponsorship or donations from. The list is not prescreened, other than they are believed to have the financial means to support donations to nonprofits.

Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

To order a corporate sponsorship package, your organization must be legally established and have a 501(c)(3) status or a fiscal sponsor to offer tax-deductible charitable donations.

It typically takes our team between 10 and 15 business days to build a customized corporate sponsorship toolkit. The specific timeframe for each organization depends on your schedule and timeliness when submitting the required information.

No. BryteBridge does not handle or collect donations on your behalf. Our primary fundraising role is providing information and tools regarding cause marketing and corporate sponsorship programs. The implementation and execution of these strategies are the responsibility of your nonprofit organization and its local fundraising team.

We cannot offer any income guarantees, as the program’s success depends on several factors, such as the organization’s dedication to fulfilling its mission and vision, the amount requested, and the skills, training, and efforts of the management team and volunteers. Further, Corporate Giving is up to the discretion of business owners, and we cannot in any way guarantee or project funding from any particular business.

Corporate sponsorships usually involve smaller donation amounts compared to grant awards since businesses typically allocate a smaller portion of their budget to charitable giving. However, corporate sponsorships can be obtained more easily and can serve as an initial funding source for new organizations to establish themselves before seeking grants from foundations that require more extensive documentation of their impact and capabilities.