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Nevada Nonprofit Document Requirements

Nevada State Registration Documents


Starting a nonprofit in the Silver State isn’t particularly difficult. The trick is getting everything else you need to stay operational and tax-exempt. With BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, you can learn not just how to start a nonprofit in Nevada, but also get help with compliance for years afterwards. Schedule a consultation now and find out how we can help you help others.



Articles of Incorporation

Business Entity Search


$100 + optional $125-$1,000 expedite fee

Average Processing Time

3-5 business days

Electronic Filing?


Charity Registration

State Requirement?


Charity Registration Search



Renewal Requirement?


990 EZ Requirement?


Annual Report

State Requirement?



Annually, by the last day of the month of your incorporation anniversary date



Other Exemptions

State Income Tax


Sales Tax Exemption

Must file – $0

Tax Returns

All organizations (except those classified as churches) are required to file an annual 990 form (990N, 990EZ, 990, or 990PF) to be exempt from Income Tax.

The 990 return is due on the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year.

Failure to file for 3 consecutive years could cause your organization to lose tax-exempt status.

Naming Your Nevada 501c3

One of the quirks when creating a Nevada nonprofit is figuring out what to name it. Not only do you have to come up with a name that’s both original and describes your organization, like any other state, there are also words and phrases you legally have to avoid.

Those words include:

  • Trust (unless your organization is solely a community land trust)
  • Engineer, engineered, engineering, professional engineer, or licensed engineer
  • Architect, architecture, registered architect, or licensed architect
  • Registered interior designer, registered interior design, residential designer, registered residential designer, licensed residential designer, or residential design
  • Accountant, accounting, accountancy, auditor, or auditing
  • Common-interest community, community association, master association, unit-owners’ association, or homeowners’ association
If you had your heart set on a name or you can’t figure out how to start a nonprofit in Nevada without these phrases, don’t worry. You can work around many of these restrictions if you meet certain requirements, like getting specific registration and approval from relevant state departments.

Nevada Registered Agent

When you start a nonprofit in Nevada, you have to have a registered agent. That person is your organization’s point of contact for the state, and they recieve all legal documents or court documents if your company is being sued.

However, your registered agent doesn’t have to be you or a member of your Nevada 501c3. In fact, sometimes it’s better to have it be someone outside the company if you are likely to change addresses frequently or operate out of your own home, as this information is publicly available. 

State Taxes Exemption

Nevada may not levy corporate income taxes, but they do have a privilege tax. You can get exempt status from it for your nonprofit with the Nevada exempt status entity form. You have to already be a registered 501c organization with the government before you do, though.

At BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, we’ve already helped 30K+ start their nonprofits. Rely on experts who won’t just tell you what to do, but will also help you do it. Start up, grow, and maintain your nonprofit with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions now.