Ohio State Requirements

Ohio State Requirements

Resources for Launching Your Ohio 501c3

Throughout the United States, nonprofits are delivering valuable skills and services to improve communities in need. Ohio 501c3 nonprofits have helped create opportunities and improved the quality of life for communities across the “Buckeye State.” From the significant urban areas of Akron, Cleveland, and Cincinnati to the seat of state government in Columbus, Ohio might be the ideal state for your nonprofit entrepreneurial goals!

Areas of Growth for Ohio Nonprofit Registration

Ohio’s 501c3s provide a wide variety of essential services throughout every county in the state. 501c3 Ohio rules require nonprofits to offer programs and assistance in the areas of municipal government departments, healthcare and social service agencies, education, arts and culture, programs for the elderly, disabled, and veterans, and other community-focused areas. Currently, there are more than 37,000 Ohio nonprofits that employ over 564,000 individuals. Over 12 percent of the state’s workforce is employed by a registered Ohio nonprofit.

How to Start an Ohio 501c3 Organization

Ohio could be an excellent place to create your 501c3 nonprofit start-up. Review our resources, links, and documents listed below to get the information you need to get started.



Articles of Incorporation

Business Entity Search



Average Processing Time

15-20 Business Days

Electronic Filing?


Charity Registration

State Requirement?


Charity Registration Search



Renewal Requirement?


990 EZ Requirement?


Annual Report

State Requirement?



Within 90 days of incorporating with the state; (then) Biennially (Every 2 years)



Other Exemptions

State Income Tax

Must file – no fee for 3500a

Sales Tax Exemption

Not exempt

Tax Returns

All organizations (except those classified as churches) are required to file an annual 990 form (990N, 990EZ, 990, or 990PF) to be exempt from Income Tax.

The 990 return is due on the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year.

Failure to file for 3 consecutive years could cause your organization to lose tax-exempt status.

Application Requirements and 501c3 Ohio Rules for Tax-Exempt Status

All tax-exempt organizations doing business in the state must follow the 501c3 Ohio rules and regulations for tax-exempt filing. Specific regulations will vary, but typically an Ohio 501c3 must disclose contact information, names of Board members, and details about the entity responsible for the Ohio nonprofit registration. In addition, state compliance regulations may request employment data and annual corporate reports. 

The social impact that Ohio’s nonprofit sector is responsible for is significant and inspiring. For example, the Cleveland Foundation has awarded over $47.6 million in scholarships since 1987, whether it’s for high school students or adults seeking to develop their professional skills. If you’re eager to join this sector and harness your entrepreneurial ideas to change people’s lives, then please browse our Nonprofit Education Center and get in touch with us to get started.

The information we provide is designed to help you understand what you’ll need to be successful. Be sure to also read our testimonials page to hear the experiences of other nonprofit entrepreneurs. Contact us to learn how we can help you start and grow your nonprofit!

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