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Tax and Compliance Season Communication

Tax and Compliance Season Order Updates

Dear BryteBridge Customers,

It’s the annual 990 and tax compliance season. Please know this is our busy season as we are handling both our normal new 501(c)(3) formation services and working to complete annual IRS 990 and state compliance filings. The tax season runs from February 15th through May 15th.

Many states are experiencing delays with incorporation and annual report processing due to an increased demand and limited resources (lack of employees to process). Therefore, these unforeseen circumstances may delay our overall completion progress.  We are advising clients to expedite any orders that are time sensitive to ensure the fastest possible processing window. BryteBridge is committed to completing all orders with precision and accuracy and will continue to stay in touch with the respective state departments.  Please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Order Updates as of May 16th, 2022

Tax season has concluded. For clients with orders already in, you should have received direct communication from us. We filed extensions for clients who were still missing important tax information or of we were unable to meet the deadline due to demand for our services.

Due to the high demand for our services, the processing times for IRS Form 990 and state compliance filings are slower than normal order times. In general, if we have everything to file, including year-end financials, we are completing orders within 30 business days and working to meet the IRS May 16th deadline, for those organizations with a December 31st fiscal year-end.

990N filings – Clients with Tax Year 2021 990N orders, are completed within 5 business days, from the time we have received all information.

990 Full, 990 EZ, and 990 PF filings – 990 Full, 990 EZ, and 990 PF  orders are completed within 30 business days from the time we have received all requested information and year-end financials. 

990 Extensions-  As of April 18th, we are filing extensions with the IRS for all new orders or orders not in good order to meet and file before the May 16th deadline.

State compliance orders – Typically we prioritize orders in the order they are received. Given the busy season, we are prioritizing state compliance orders based on the due dates of the states. For example if your state deadline is April, we will prioritize over states with a May deadline. Regardless, we guarantee completion  on time.

New 501(c)(3) formation orders – For clients looking to form a 501(c)(3), These orders are unaffected. Our dedicated formation team is completing these orders within 10-15 business days.

How do I check the status of my order?

If you have further questions or require additional support, please complete the customer service request or call us at 1-877-857-9002 and select #2 for customer service.

Important Disclosures

  • We process orders in the order they are received. 990 orders typically take 30 days from the time we receive
    everything. Due to the busy tax season, some orders may exceed the 30-day estimate.
  • If we have everything to file your 990 by April 18th, we guarantee meeting applicable tax deadlines.
  • If your situation is more complex, or your financials will not be prepared and provided to BryteBridge in time for the deadline, we will help you file an extension to your order. If an extension is required, there is an additional cost to file your extension of $99.00

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