501(c)(3) Application Process

501(c)(3) Application Process Made Easy

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At BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, we make it easy for nonprofits to focus on their mission. Leave the paperwork to us.

The 501(c)(3) application process is a complex and time-consuming process. It involves completing and submitting Form 1023, which requires detailed information about the organization’s purpose, activities, governance structure, finances, and more. The IRS carefully reviews the application to determine if the organization meets the requirements for tax-exempt status.

It’s important to note that not all organizations qualify for tax-exempt status, and even those that do may face ongoing compliance requirements to maintain their status.

Don’t let the complexity of the application process deter you from pursuing tax-exempt status for your organization.

Let us help you navigate the process with ease and confidence.

How Does It Work?

Very simple process.

1. Purchase

After you make your purchase, we will generate your personalized online client portal and send you an email with login credentials.​

2. Complete Easy Questionnaire

Once you log in to your client portal, complete the questionnaire to share your vision for your nonprofit.​

3. Hassle-Free IRS approval

Once questionnaire is completed, we begin processing your order. You can find all your files, monitor status and send/receive communication through the client portal.​​

Benefits 501(c)(3) Status

Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) tax exemption status are exempted from paying federal taxes. However, they are still required to file their nonprofit’s IRS Tax Form 990 or Form 990-N for nonprofit organizations.

Non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) status are exempt from paying federal income tax. This means that more of the organization’s funds can be used to support its charitable mission.

Donors can receive tax deductions for their contributions to organizations with 501(c)(3) status. This can incentivize individuals and businesses to give more generously to support the non-profit’s mission.

Many grants are only available to organizations with 501(c)(3) status. By obtaining this status, nonprofit organizations can access a wider range of funding opportunities to support their programs and services.

501(c)(3) status demonstrates to donors, volunteers, and the public that the organization is committed to transparency and operating in the public interest. This can increase the organization’s credibility and help attract more support for its mission.

Most Common 501(C) Options

Most Common
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Educational Organizations
  • Scientific Organizations
  • Literary Organizations
  • Testing For Public Safety
  • Foster national or international amateur sports
  • Prevention of cruelty to children or animals
  • Civic leagues
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Local assoc. Of employees
  • Labor
  • Agricultural organizations
  • Horicultural organizations
  • Business leagues
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Real estate boards
  • Social clubs
  • Recreational clubs

No More Headaches with Paperwork!

Our 501(c)3 Comprehensive services include everything you need to incorporate, obtain 501(c)3 status, and meet initial state nonprofit operating requirements. Starting your nonprofit shouldn’t break the budget.

Expertise and Experience

Applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status requires in-depth knowledge of tax laws, regulations, and compliance requirements. Hiring someone with expertise in this area can help ensure that your application is completed accurately and thoroughly.


Preparing a 501(c)(3) application requires a significant amount of time and effort, including gathering financial records, drafting governing documents, and completing the application itself. By hiring someone to handle this process, you can save valuable time and focus on running your non-profit organization, rather than navigating complex tax laws.

Increased Approval Chances​

Working with an experienced professional who has successfully completed 501(c)(3) applications in the past can increase your chances of approval. They can help ensure that your application meets all of the IRS's requirements and provide guidance on best practices for operating a tax-exempt organization.

Easy to Understand Pricing, No Hidden Costs

We have 2 packages tailored to your needs. Explore our services below and order them within 2 minutes!​



Top Features

$999+Filing Fees

Pay in 4 interest-free
payments of $249.75 with

$1499+Filing Fees

Pay in 4 interest-free
payments of $374.75 with

Most Popular

501(c)(3) Approval Guarantee and Price Match Promise

Name Verification

Nonprofit Incorporation or Amendments

EIN Tax ID or SS4

IRS Form 1023 or Form 1024

Conflict of Interest Policy

Bylaws Aligned to IRS Requirements

Pending 501(c)(3) Letter

Charity Registration


Nonprofit Consultation

Welcome Call

Wrap-Up Call

501(c) Approval Monitoring

501(c) Celebration Call

Nonprofit Platform and Client Portal

Additional Services

Priority Handling

Banking Resolution

Financial Budget Template

First Year Registered Agent Services*

Fundraising 101

Board Management 101

Volunteer Management 101

501(c)... Now What? Webinar

*Registered Agent Services is Free for one (1) year with Concierge services. After the first year, the Registered Agent renews at $129 annually.


$999 +Filing Fees

Pay in 4 interest-free
payments of $249.25 with


  • 501(c)(3) Approval Guarantee and Price Match Promise
  • Name Verification
  • Nonprofit Incorporation or Amendments
  • EIN Tax ID or SS4
  • IRS Form 1023 or Form 1024
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Bylaws Aligned to IRS Requirements
  • Pending 501(c)(3) Letter
  • Charity Registration


  • Nonprofit Consultation
  • Welcome Call
  • Wrap-Up Call
  • Nonprofit Platform and Client Portal

Additional Services

  • Banking Resolution
  • Financial Budget Template

*Registered Agent Services is Free for one (1) year with Concierge services. After the first year, the Registered Agent renews at $129 annually.

Most Popular


$1499 +Filing Fees

Pay in 4 interest-free
payments of $374.75 with

Everything in the Essentials Plus…


  • 501(c) Approval Monitoring
  • 501(c) Celebration Call

Additional Services

  • Priority Handling
  • First Year Registered Agent Services*
  • Fundraising 101
  • Board Management 101
  • Volunteer Management 101
  • 501(c)… Now What? Webinar

*Registered Agent Services is Free for one (1) year with Concierge services. After the first year, the Registered Agent renews at $129 annually.

Don't know which package to choose?

Services in all Packages​

501(c)3 Approval Guarantee​

We guarantee your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status will be granted by the IRS or we give your money back. We’ve helped over 35,000 nonprofit organizations and stand behind our work. 

EIN/Tax ID #

We obtain a federal employment identification number on your behalf. This is the equivalent of your organization’s social security number.

Nonprofit Education

Start your nonprofit education with a collection of our guides, which cover essential topics such as the Board Member Giving Plan, Building Your Brand Identity, and Donor Development, Life Cycle, and Recognition.

Nonprofit Consultation (Are you Ready)​

A nonprofit consultant will help you determine your start-up readiness level, appropriate 501 application, and educate on the best BryteBridge solutions for your organization.

Email/Ticket Support

Unlimited support through your portal access to communicate important order updates and related questions.

Extra Services in Package #2 ("Concierge")​

Priority Handling

Concierge clients move to the front of the line for processing. This can save time and expedite the start-up process.

Registered Agent Services

The Registered Agent receives all physical mail on your behalf and forwards it directly to you. The RA Service offers proactive surveillance for your organization’s compliance status with your home state. You receive immediate notification of any important information and can access all state documents in our secure, cloud-based portal. First Year Included $129 Annually

501(c) Approval Monitoring

Phone access to dedicated Specialist assigned to your project. 30-minute schedule Wrap up Call

Sneak Peak Inside our New Nonprofit Platform

Easy to navigate, everything in 1 place.​

Frequently Asked 510(c)(3) Questions

501(C)(3) is an IRS designation identifying tax-exempt organizations. The name comes from the fact that this type of organization is defined under Section 501(c) of Title 26 of the U.S. Code. Receiving 501(C)(3) status requires an organization to engage in charitable activities. 501(C)(3) is often used to refer to nonprofits as a whole, but not all nonprofit organizations receive 501(C)(3) status.

The recognition of your organization as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers many advantages in helping your organization receive donations and establish credibility.

  • Tax Deduction for Donors: This encourages donors to donate and receive a benefit, thus incentivizing donors to actively donate to a 501(C)(3) charity or charities.
  • Grant Funding Eligibility for the nonprofit: Many foundations and government agencies limit their grants to public charities. Nonprofit organizations also can offer tax deductions to individuals or businesses that give charitable contributions
  • Potential Tax Exemption at both State and Federal level: Avoid or minimize paying taxes at federal and state levels, depending the local and state laws.
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Exemption: Potentially higher thresholds before incurring federal and/or state unemployment tax liabilities
  • Reduced Postal Rates: Discounts on US Postal rates.

Tax Exempt doesn’t always mean taxes don’t need to be paid!

501(C)(3) organizations are exempt from federal taxes, and donations are tax-deductible. However, the organization may still need to pay state and local taxes.

To qualify for 501(c)(3) tax exemption you must be organized and operated exclusively for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Charitable
  • Religious
  • Educational
  • Scientific
  • Literary
  • Testing for public safety
  • To foster national or international amateur sports competition
  • Prevention of cruelty to children or animals

In addition to your purpose, to qualify for 501(c)(3) tax exemption, you must also:

  • Refrain from supporting or opposing candidates in political campaigns in any way
  • Ensure that your net profits do not disproportionately benefit any private shareholders or individuals (board members, officers, key management employees, or insiders)
  • May not substantially benefit any personal-interest or non-exempt purposes
  • May not be organized or operated to conduct a trade or business not related to your exempt purposes
  • May not devote substantial attention to attempting to influence legislation (lobbying).
  • May not provide commercial insurance as a substantial part of your activities.

On average the IRS takes 6-9 months from the time they receive the application package, however there are exceptions. Animal organizations tend to receive determinations quite quickly, and foreign or housing organizations may take an extended period of time. Doing it right the first time is critical, and that is where BryteBridg’s experience helps. Also, if you are in a hurry our staff can assist with tips to help expedite the process.

IRS Approval Times:

The 1023 EZ is approved on average between 2-6 weeks after submission.

The 1023 Full application on average will be approved between 2-6 months after submission.

During times where the IRS is experiencing delays (i.e. COVID, government shut down, or Tax Season): We have seen delays as long as 8-10 Weeks for the EZ, and up to 3-6 months for the 1023 Full.

The more clear the application and narrative are, the more likely the application will be approved quickly. This is an area where BryteBridge excels and helps our clients receive their approval quicker.

Typically Nonprofits will receive their 501c3 Determination Letter in the mail before it is posted on the IRS website. However, you can look-up your status anytime on the IRS site

Yes, founders, initial board members, and donors may claim a deduction for contributions made to set up and establish the organization on their individual or corporate tax return once the organization has obtained the 501(C)(3) status.

The organization should acknowledge the payments by issuing donation receipts and confirm in writing that no goods or services were received in return (assuming that is an accurate statement), so that the donor has the requisite substantiation letter if ever audited by the IRS.

Helpful resources: IRS Publication 535, Business Expenses: https://www.irs.gov/publications/p535 IRS Publication 17, Federal Income Tax for Individuals: https://www.irs.gov/publications/p17

Disclaimer: Individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations should confirm their tax obligations by speaking to a Tax advisor.

501 Board Requirements: You must have at least 3 individuals – President, Secretary, Treasurer. For all public charities, regardless of the number of board members, the majority must be unrelated by blood or marriage.

As part of the order process, we will ask you for your preferred and backup name choices.

BryteBridge will check to see if your name is available when forming the business. If the preferred name you select is unavailable, we will go ahead and use the alternate name provided.

BryteBridge completes most services within 10-15 business days after receiving all the documentation needed. Much of our services depend on state and federal cooperation and timelines. It may only take a few days for us to do our part, much of the time awaiting communication from the state or IRS. Depending on how fast the state processes its filings, it can generally take a few days to two weeks.

There are, however, times of the year when it can take longer than expected, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. At the end of the year, the states may be short-staff due to the holidays. In addition, there is typically high volume during the early new year as new businesses and nonprofits are being formed or conducting annual renewal filings. We can expedite most services for an additional fee. You may check estimated completion date and monitor orders by logging into your client portal.

If the state or IRS allowed us to retain a copy, then the documents are available to view and download online.

To download documents, sign into the client portal, go to the Completed Orders tab, then click the document name or order number. If the document is available online, sign in to your client portal. Go to the documents tab on the left-hand navigation, then click the document name or applicable folder. If the document is available online, you’ll see it in its sections. If it’s unavailable, write us at [email protected] to request a copy. We can order from the state if we do not have a copy.

Please note there may be a small fee from BryteBridge, and the state requested to obtain copies of aged or documents not readily available.



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