Nothing teaches teamwork, determination, and the value of practice like sports. And starting an amateur sports 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization can be not only one of the best ways to help a community, but also the most fun. Let our team at BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions support yours with instruction and aid in every step of the process to help your organization go the distance.

What Qualifies Nonprofit Sports Organizations For 501(c)(3) Status

Sports nonprofits can qualify for tax exempt 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, but you have to be clear about exactly what it is that you do. The IRS has three rationales for a sports organization to qualify for an amateur sports 501(c)(3) tax exemption.

  1. If it teaches sports to youth, or is affiliated with an exempt educational organization, your nonprofit can count as “educational” as well.
  2. If it is meant to keep kids off the street and lessen juvenile delinquency, like an after-school program, then it can classify as “charitable.”
  3. If it is designed to foster national or international sports competitions, like organizations that help develop talent for the Olympics or Pan-American Games.

The third rationale has some qualifiers around equipment and facilities. If you’re not sure how your program measures up, you can contact us and we can help you through it! We have helped hundreds of nonprofit sports organizations get their 501(c)(3) status and can help you understand what you need to move forward.

Amateur Sports 501c3 Information from BryteBridge Nonpofit Solutions
Young woman on a swim team sports league

Starting A Nonprofit Sports Organization

Starting a sports league is relatively easy if you just have enough people and a space to play in, but the nonprofit side is much harder. You could spend all of your time just trying to figure out incorporation, websites, and fundraising, let alone getting your 501(c)(3) status, without ever picking up a bat or ball.

With BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, you can outsource most of that work to us. Starting a nonprofit sports organization becomes much easier when you can focus on helping others and leave the technical work to experienced professionals.

Beyond The First Season

Maybe you’ve already gotten your nonprofit sports organization going, but you’re struggling to get to the next step. BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions can help you turn your league into a legacy with information and assistance about corporate sponsorships, bookkeeping and payroll services, insurance, and more. Contact us to get started and take your program all the way.

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