Federal 990 and
State Compliance Details

Tax and Compliance Season

It’s the annual IRS 990 tax and compliance season. The tax season runs through May 15th. Due to the high demand for our services, the processing times for IRS Form 990 and state compliance filings are slower than usual. Please continue reading to learn how we will ensure we meet your state and federal deadlines.

During this time, we prioritize orders based on due dates vs. our standard processing times of 15-30 business days.

Some orders will take longer than others as we prioritize based on due dates, not order placement dates.

We commit to meeting your compliance and 990 filing deadlines; we rely on complete and accurate information. Missing or inaccurate information will cause processing delays and may result in not meeting critical deadlines.

What You Can Expect From BryteBridge During The 2024 Tax Season

Our team of nonprofit tax and compliance professionals will work diligently to complete all orders by the IRS deadlines.

We prioritize organizations that have completed the intake questionnaire and supplied accurate financials. Any pending information will delay filing the 990 and may require upgrading your order to include an extension request.

All nonprofit organizations filing a 990-EZ or higher are eligible for a 6-month extension, and we will submit them as needed for clients.


990-Norders will get processed in the order received, and we will meet the May 15th Deadline.

990 Full, 990-EZ, and 990-PF filings

If complete and accurate financial details have been provided by March 31st, 2024, we will meet the May 15th Deadline. Orders placed after March 31st or orders with incomplete financials will have an extension filed.

990 Extensions

Any orders placed after March 31st require a 6-month IRS extension to ensure sufficient processing times. The extended IRS will be on November 15th.

Annual Reports and Charity Registration Renewals

We prioritize Annual Reports and Charity Registration orders based on the due dates of the states. For example, if your State deadline is April, we will prioritize over any State with a May deadline. Regardless, we guarantee completion on time.

New 501(c)(3) formation orders

For clients looking to form a 501(c)(3), These orders are unaffected. Our dedicated formation team will complete it within 10-15 business days, providing no delays with your State.

What We Need From You To Meet
Important State and Federal Deadlines

  • BryteBridge provides a questionnaire that requests information necessary to file your annual compliance filings and 990 tax returns. We cannot work on an order until these questionnaires are completed with detailed and accurate information. Limited or inaccurate information will cause processing delays.
  • For IRS 990 Filings, we require a copy of the previous year’s tax return to verify accuracy and consistency. This requirement does not apply to organizations filing for the first time.
  • For 990 Filings, BryteBridge’s team of tax professionals requires a copy of financial records for the tax year. These documents include an accurate and complete Profit and Loss statement (sometimes called a statement of activities) and a Balance Sheet (statement of financial position).

How Do I Check the Status of My Order?

Please login to the client portal to check for updates and to communicate with our BryteBridge Support Team. Log in to your portal here.

Important Disclosures

If we have everything to file your 990 by March 31st, 2024, we guarantee meeting applicable tax deadlines.

If your situation is more complex, or your financials will not be prepared and provided to BryteBridge in time for the deadline, we will help you file an extension to your order. If an extension is required, there is an additional cost to filing your extension $99.00.

Speak to a Nonprofit Advisor

Please complete the information request and one of our nonprofit advisors will be assigned to work with you.
Please check your email to access their contact information and schedule.

Start the 990 Filing Process

The 990-N can be filed quickly using the form below. If your organization is not eligible for the 990-N, one of our nonprofit experts is ready to discuss your organization’s compliance needs. Contact us today. (link to contact form).