Nonprofit Fundraising: Where’s the Free Money?

You’ve done it! You are finally an official 501(c)(3) organization, a registered charity agent, and it’s time for the free money to start rolling in…


A common misconception among the founders of grassroots nonprofits is that once you’ve announced it to the world that you’re incorporated, hordes of people will begin to line up with gifts and checks and grants. Though this frequent misunderstanding leads to the failure of dozens of organizations a year, it is easily mediated with a simple fix: fundraising.

Fundraising is the golden ticket that will separate you and your organization from the 1.2 million other U.S. nonprofits also seeking grants and donations. Fundraising projects not only positively contribute to your organization financially, but can also serve to market your organization to the surrounding community. Dinners, expos, local car washes and bake sales are all great ways to bring in funding and to combine your organizations’ volunteers with the local area and people. They can attract new volunteers, donors, and associates, too!

So, now that you’re privy to one of the nonprofit world’s most lucrative secrets, what’s the next step? How do you break the seal of zero fundraising to suddenly out there, boots-on-the-ground fundraising? BryteBridge has some suggestions to help: