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Starting a Nonprofit in Georgia

Welcome to our introductory overview for starting a nonprofit in Georgia. Here, we’ll explain everything you’ll need to know for your organization to maintain federal and state compliance. Most nonprofits will be mandated to register and annually renew their tax-exempt status with the state, though some organizations may be eligible to apply for exemptions. Before you begin, you will need to secure tax-exempt status with the Federal IRS. After you’ve obtained 501(c)(3) status, you can then work with the state of Georgia to submit your articles of incorporation and form your nonprofit corporation. If you need assistance starting or maintaining your organization, we have solutions. Review the following state requirements and documentation for Georgia and reach out to us with any questions. Our team at BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions can help you understand every step in this process.



Articles of Incorporation

Business Entity Search



Average Processing Time

15-20 business days

Electronic Filing?


Charity Registration

State Requirement?


Charity Registration Search



Renewal Requirement?

Yes – Filed every 2 years

990 EZ Requirement?


Annual Report

State Requirement?



Within 90 days of incorporating with the state ; (then) Annually by April 1



Other Exemptions

State Income Tax

Must file – $0

Sales Tax Exemption

Not exempt

Tax Returns

All organizations (except those classified as churches) are required to file an annual 990 form (990N, 990EZ, 990 or 990PF) to be exempt from Income Tax.

The 990 return is due on the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year.

Failure to file for 3 consecutive years could cause your organization lose tax-exempt status.

What Are the Articles of Incorporation for Georgia?

To start your nonprofit in Georgia, you’ll need articles of incorporation and approximately $100 in initial fees (it will cost more to expedite the process). To file your articles of incorporation, Georgia requires:

  • A minimum of three directors for your nonprofit board.
  • A registered agent that agrees to accept documents in the event your corporation is sued, with a non-P.O. box address in Georgia. This can be a person or a corporation.
  • A name (individual or corporation) and street address in Georgia for the registered office and the agent.
  • Name and mailing address of the incorporator (the incorporator is not required to be in Georgia).
  • Nonprofit bylaws that follow Georgia’s legal requirements that have been approved by the organization’s board of directors. 
  • A federal employer identification number (EIN).

Georgia State Requirements

How Can I Start a Georgia Nonprofit?

In every corner of the U.S., nonprofit organizations are helping improve communities and people’s lives. For many years, Georgia’s nonprofit grants have helped create opportunities throughout the “Peach State.” Whether you’re attracted to Atlanta’s vibrant urban landscape, Savannah’s southern and artistic atmosphere, or the rolling Appalachian Mountains, there’s a place for your nonprofit start-up in Georgia!

How Are Georgia’s Nonprofits Making A Difference in Their Communities?

Both well-established organizations and start-ups offer Georgia residents many different community services. Nonprofit grants in Georgia have helped start nonprofits within government, healthcare and wellness, social programs, childhood and adult education, music and the arts, services for veterans and the disabled, and many more. 

The State of Georgia lists close to 38,000 registered nonprofit organizations. Among them is the American Cancer Society, the #1 health nonprofit in the U.S. Additionally, Georgia’s foundations donate more than $1 billion dollars every year to nonprofits both in-state and around the country, creating a lasting and significant impact.

Is Georgia a Good State for Starting a Nonprofit?

Georgia may be a perfect place to launch your 501c3 nonprofit start-up! If you’re interested in filing articles of incorporation in Georgia and starting a nonprofit, the professional consultants at BryteBridge can help! The links and information below will connect you to documents and resources to get you started.

What Are the State Requirements for Starting a Nonprofit in Georgia?

Every tax-exempt organization needs to file reports through Georgia’s nonprofit registration office. Specific requirements may vary, but typically nonprofits must provide contact details, Board members’ names, and the information of the entity to whom the nonprofit is registered. Basic employee data may also need to be submitted to the Department of Labor. State compliance regulations may also require annual corporate reports.

The impact made by Georgia’s nonprofit grants is meaningful. If you’re passionate about creating lasting social change, then learn more about starting your nonprofit on BryteBridge. Explore our Nonprofit Solutions resource center to get the tools you’ll need to be successful. Contact us when you’re ready to take the next step. We look forward to helping you turn your nonprofit dreams into a reality!

Start, Maintain, and Grow Your Georgia Nonprofit with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions

When you collaborate with our team of experts at BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, starting and growing your Georgia nonprofit can be simple. We’ll help navigate all regulatory guidelines, so you can devote more time promoting the cause you’re passionate about. Learn more about our nonprofit startup solutions.