People who want to start a 501c3 nonprofit literary foundation tend to advocate for improved access to literature and education overall. Starting up a nonprofit bookstore or literary organization can be difficult. How do you prove that you operate not for profit, but for the public good?

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions has everything you need to clear that hurdle and get more people reading. We offer 501c3 assistance, fundraising help, and maintenance and compliance tools to help you get your organization going so you can do the most good for others.

Defining Literary Nonprofits

Bookstores or publishing houses often fall into the literary nonprofit designation. But since both of those tend to be for-profit businesses, to be a nonprofit, they have to prove that they serve the public good. Our experts at BryteBridge Nonprofit provide 501c3 assistance in how to make that happen.

For bookstores, that means offering materials that are specialized or difficult to find and stock but benefit the public. Nonprofit publishing houses have to prove that they provide the means for those materials to be published in the first place.

Other nonprofit organizations can also have a nonprofit bookstore, like public universities or religious organizations.

Starting And Maintaining Your Literary 501c3 Nonprofit

Like any nonprofit, running a literary foundation can be a complicated process. Just to start up, you need:

  • A Name
  • Incorporation
  • A Board of Directors
  • 501c3 Status
  • A Website
  • Funds
  • Strategic Planning

Even once you have all of those, after one year it’s required that you get the annual IRS form 990, continued bookkeeping, nonprofit insurance, corporate sponsorships, grants, and a ton of other things just to stay afloat.

That’s why BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions can be such a lifeline for 501c3 nonprofits and foundations. We’ve worked with over 30,000 customers and can help not only guide you through what you need to keep going, but help you do it yourself so your business is sustainable for a long time to come.

Literary Non Profit Organisation
Young child wearing a mask and reading a book at a literary nonprofit organization

501c3 Assistance For Your Literary Nonprofit

One of the biggest hurdles for organizations like yours is achieving 501c3 tax exempt status. Because they often have the same business models as their for-profit counterparts, proving that they create or sell materials for the public good can be extremely difficult.

When you use BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, though, we guarantee the approval of your 501c3 status. We have successfully filed 501c3s in all 50 states and know how to do them correctly so they’re processed quickly and in your favor.

Contact us today to find out how we can best provide 501c3 assistance for your organization.

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