BryteBridge Timeline

CharityNet USA Completes Rebrand to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions

We’re pleased to announce that we have completed our rebrand from CharityNet USA to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. It’s been a two-year journey, as we wanted to be mindful in our approach and exercise care with clients and prospective clients throughout the process.

BryteBridge to help Nonprofits with Professional Grant Management Services

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions (BryteBridge), a nonprofit start-up and development company, announces new outsourced grant management services that are often cost-prohibitive for nonprofits to implement in-house effectively.

New Launch
Brytebridge launches

BryteBridge launches the all-new to allow nonprofits and prospective nonprofits to learn more about the various 501c3 types, state, and federal requirements, and much more.

BryteBridge Sells BizCentral USA

BryteBridge completes the sale of the BizCentral USA brand to focus on Nonprofit organizations through the BryteBridge and Charitynet USA brands.

BryteBridge Helps 1500 Nonprofits During Covid

BryteBridge completes the year 2020 has helped over 1500 Nonprofits receive their 501c3 status amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nonprofit Study Released “The Essential Work of Emerging Nonprofits”

BryteBridge launches an inaugural Nonprofit Study titled “The Essential Work of Emerging Nonprofits” to understand the core challenges new nonprofits face. Additional insights include the impact of Covid-19. The study can be found at

BryteBridge Insurance Solutions
Brytebridge Rebrands

BryteBridge launches BryteBridge Insurance Solutions to offer Insurance to Nonprofits.

Covid-19 Response
Covid 19 Response

In response to COVID-19, BryteBridge reallocates all internal resources to support Nonprofit organizations.

BryteBridge Rebrand
BryteBridge Rebrand

BryteBridge formally rebrands BizCentral USA and Charitynet USA as BizCentral USA by BryteBridge and Charitynet USA by BryteBridge.

BryteBridge Acquires BizCentral USA and Charitynet USA

BryteBridge completes the acquisition of BizCentral USA and subsidiary Charitynet USA.

BryteBridge Formation

BryteBridge formed to facilitate the acquisition of BizCentral USA and its subsidiary Charitynet USA.


More than 30,000 Clients Served

The company surpasses 30,000 clients served since its inception.


Corporate Foundation Services Offered

The company begins to offer corporate foundation services to help for-profit corporations help their community and expand their brand presence through corporate foundations.


BizCentral USA and Charitynet USA Formed
Bizcentral and Charitynet USA

BizCentral USA formed to offer incorporation and registration services to small businesses and subsidiaries Charitynet USA to help nonprofit organizations incorporate and receive their 501c3 status.

Our History

Our company was originally founded in 2004 under the name Bizcentral USA doing business as Charitynet USA. In November 2019, the company was purchased by BryteBridge. Since the acquisition, our company has changed significantly, as we are focused on a long-term vision of building a client and employee first organization.