Guided Nonprofit Formation Services

Start Your Nonprofit online with the help of a Nonprofit Formation Advisor

In this fast pace crazy world we are living in, it is refreshing to still have access to human support in an ever growing digital world. This is perhaps even more true when you’re looking to form a nonprofit. Deciding between the online DIY legal robots, and over priced attorney’s, there must be a better, more human way to leverage technology, while also receiving knowledgeable and personable human support to launch your nonprofit and make a difference in the world. At BryteBridge, we feel the same way and that’s why we have created a service called Guided Nonprofit Formation Services.

How Guided Nonprofit Formation Works

Guided Nonprofit Formation Services blends technology with a dedicated Nonprofit Formation Expert to ensure you set-up your nonprofit in alignment with your vision, while meeting important and necessary state and federal requirements. 

Step 1 - Complete the online Nonprofit Formation Organizer

It’s free to get started. Simply complete the Nonprofit formation organizer to get your thoughts to paper so to speak. There are no wrong answers, it’s simply designed to get you thinking about the Nonprofit start-up and formation process. Once you complete the organizer, you will be asked to select a Nonprofit Formation Plan and Make a Payment or Save for Later.

Step 2 - Select a Nonprofit Formation Plan and Make a Payment

Upon completion of the Nonprofit Formation Organizer,  we will provide Nonprofit Formation Plan options and pricing  based on the information your provide to ensure we provide options that meet your needs, timelines, and budget. 

Step 3 - Work with a Nonprofit Formation Advisor

 Once you select a Nonprofit Formation Plan and make a payment, you will  be assigned to a Nonprofit Formation Advisor. We will assign you an advisor based on your time and availability preferences or if you are comfortable with email correspondence, we will assign right away to get started. Your advisor will review your nonprofit formation organizer and share our observations and best practices, discuss your options, answer questions, and provided actionable recommendations in preparation for filing all of your nonprofit formation paperwork.

Step 4 - BryteBridge To Complete the Nonprofit Formation (Starting at $999 to $1999)

Between the formation organizer and your exchange with your formation advisor, we should have all required information to meet the state and IRS 501(c) requirements. From there we will get to work right away. We typically complete Nonprofit formation within 10-15 business days, but this process can be expedited to 5 business days for an additional cost. Please note, delays getting us all information could delay our goal timelines.