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Legacy Website FAQ

With our website design and maintenance service, you do not have to be a website expert to get a great website. You can have a professional-looking nonprofit website up and running in a short period of time and it is maintained monthly for you.

Throughout the years, and after many websites, we have perfected the nonprofit website design process. This means you can go from an idea to a live fully functional website in as little as 10-15 business days.

  • You choose your nonprofit website design framework.
  • You have a consultation with a coordinator, during which you will discuss your brand and design requirements, provide initial copy and content to add to your website framework.
  • We will build your website in alignment with your brand (Look and feel).
  • You provide us copy and content through our questionnaire and interview process.
  • We build your website.
  • You will review your website with your coordinator.
  • If you wish to modify the site, request your changes. These will go back through design and setup.
  • Approve your nonprofits website design, and your new nonprofits nonprofit website is live.

There are many factors to determine the best plan for your nonprofit. Including how big your team is, the amount of support you will need, functionalities of your website, and more. The best way to determine the most suitable plan is to book a time with a specialist to discuss your business needs and website options or Compare Our Plans her


We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and professional websites built for telling your story and engaging an existing or prospective donor base, at an affordable price. We focus on delivering long-term value to our clients with rich engaging sites, professional hosting, monthly maintenance, simple website management, and all the answers to your questions with our phenomenal in-house Support Team – which is available via support ticket, email, and phone.

As part of your onboarding, we will reserve your domain name on your behalf. We cover the cost of the domain name up to $16.99. Anything over this amount is typically a name already owned by someone trying to resell it for a profit. If your preferred name is not available, we will work with you on alternatives or assist you in the event you wish to purchase from a reseller for your desired name. Don’t worry, you own the domain name, we just want to make it an easy process for you to secure a name that works for your nonprofit.

To offer a low-cost subscription model website service to nonprofits, CharityNet USA maintains ownership of the platform and software along with any content provided by our team. Content created by yourself or members of your nonprofit, along with your website domain URL is the ownership of the nonprofit (client). For more information please view our terms of services for CharitySites by BryteBridge. If you’d like our help building a site you maintain complete ownership of, please see our other web design services.

In the event you no longer wish to use our services, you have two options. Option A. You can build an all-new website and simply cancel your agreement with CharityNet USA or B. We will help you migrate the site over to your new provider for a one-time site transfer fee of $250.00. We do require you to have been a paying customer for a minimum of six months before we will relinquish ownership and transfer the website over to you. If the ongoing plan doesn’t work for you, we do offer custom build solutions, in which you would have complete ongoing ownership of the site. Check that out here.

The monthly fee covers hosting and ongoing maintenance and dedicated hours of work allocated to your website as you wish to update content, add features and functionality and integrations. Additionally, the monthly fee covers email hosting and the secure forms management on our servers.

If you are using social media, we can integrate social media so that social media content feeds show up on your website. We are also able to link your social media accounts to any page of your website (home page, team page, and contact page are the most popular.

Yes, you can post your own articles, videos, and other content on your website. We will provide you a link to access and post your own content. Remember, our service includes monthly maintenance so often it easier to just let us know what changes are needed. Regardless, we provide you with training throughout your website build.

The website design process will take approximately 10-15 business days to create, revise, and design your new website. If you have already written copy, we can sometimes accommodate a faster timeline. This timeline does not include any additional add-ons purchased and is contingent on your providing content and your responsiveness to our follow up questions. Look at the illustration above to see how your onboarding process will look!

During the first revision of your website (the second stage of onboarding), your onboarding specialist will book a meeting to discuss what information will be transferred from your old site to new.

In some cases, we are not able to transfer all content identically, however, our onboarding and design teams are dedicated to ensuring your website looks beautiful and is built based on web design best practices.

You provide your own content for your website; however, we will provide you with a questionnaire and your interview with your coordinator to help flush out your content, which we will use for your website.

You will be provided with a dedicated coordinator throughout the creation of your website. They will guide you through the onboarding process and be available for any questions that may arise while building your website.

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and modern websites that are built for optimal conversion! When beginning your onboarding process, pick from our selection of website design frameworks. From this starting point, your coordinator will work with you to personalize your site to your nonprofit’s desired aesthetics.

CharityNet’s sites are based on a proven framework for Nonprofits. Our frameworks were built based on our 15+ year experience supporting nonprofits, feedback from hundreds of nonprofits, and industry best practices to promote your nonprofit programs, share your story, and maximize donor engagement. Think of your site as customized for you, however, built on top of a proven framework for Nonprofit organizations.

You will be provided your client log-in at the last stage of the onboarding process. At this time, you’ll be able to log-in to your website at any time through our Client Log-In Page.

Yes, we do. We will be able to set up tools and integrations such as social media, CRM, donor management software, etc.

If you are not sure if we integrate with your specific provider, just ask us!

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