Nonprofit Payroll Services

When it comes to payroll for nonprofit organizations, it is vital to have a qualified team of professionals managing and reviewing your payroll process.

As a nonprofit organization, you are tasked with many day-to-day challenges, including fundraising, volunteer management, and capacity building, to name a few. Running your nonprofit can be very rewarding but also highly challenging. When it comes to your payroll needs, contracting with a qualified and professional nonprofit payroll services team can make the process easier and more cost-efficient.

Many nonprofit organizations outsource their employee payroll to nonprofit payroll services with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. We know that there’s more to handling payroll than just writing checks and delivering them to employees on time, and that delivering a flawless employee experience depends on rock-solid and reliable payroll practices.

For example, every nonprofit must keep highly detailed records and calculate taxes and withholdings that need to be paid in order to avoid government fines. To help ease the burden on our nonprofit clients, we partner with ADP®, a leading provider of payroll for nonprofit organizations, and human resources assistance and advice for benefits and compliance solutions. As a result, BryteBridge and ADP work together to help nonprofit entrepreneurs save valuable time and reduce overall costs for their organizations, all while ensuring their people are taken care of.

Nonprofit payroll timesheets and document binder.

Through our partnership, BryteBridge serves as your dedicated point of contact and helps you process your payroll leveraging ADP’s technology. This way, you’re not burdened with managing multiple relationships. In addition, there is no additional cost to having BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions manage your nonprofit’s payroll. You pay ADP®  through your payroll processing and have us serve as your payroll administrator.

BryteBridge's Nonprofit Solutions Payroll Services powered by ADP® Technology


Our Nonprofit Payroll Services Can Save You Time & Money.

How Payroll for Nonprofit Organizations Works

When you partner with us to help with your nonprofit’s payroll and accounting tasks, we handle payroll for your organization and support your operations in the following ways:

  • Administering payroll on the frequency of your choosing (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly) 
  • Payroll processing for new employees, both full and part-time, and independent contractors
    • You provide us with the necessary information (such as name, address, tax withholding, social security, bank routing), and we make sure everything is correctly handled with ADP. 
  • Additionally, if an employee of your organization were to leave or be terminated, we will make sure their final paycheck accurately reflects their hours worked.
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In addition to our nonprofit payroll services, we also inform you of the amount and due date of your tax payments and filings. We’re here every step of the way to assist you in staying compliant with regular payments to the federal government, as well as to the states and municipalities where you may need to file

As a nonprofit organization, we know that you have many tasks to deal with every day! However, by contracting with BryteBridge to administer your nonprofit payroll and tax accounting needs, you will save time and energy to focus on other activities that generate donations and support your cause!.

Nonprofit Payroll Services Help Your Attract and Retain Talent

When a nonprofit startup has reached a point where they are hiring employees, it is essential that competitive compensation be included in the job description. Attracting quality talent is a serious concern. A nonprofit that offers insufficient compensation or is known for its payroll inconsistencies (not paying contractors on time, delaying deposit of employee payroll, not following regulations for withholdings) will experience difficulty attracting and retaining staff.

Nonprofit Payroll and Tax Services

Processing payroll, filing taxes, and maintaining compliance are a breeze with the ADP®' RUN services.

Nonprofit Hiring & Human Resources

Recruit, manage, and take care of your employees with tools that help with hiring, HR, and retirement plan services.

For a personalized demonstration of how ADP’s employee solutions can help your business, please call us at 877-857-9002. BryteBridge works directly with our dedicated ADP® representative to provide you with a demonstration, an opportunity to discuss pricing options, and a full explanation of how to get your company enrolled and started.

Key Features Available in Our Nonprofit Payroll Services:

  • Nonprofit payroll administration for all part and full-time employees and independent contractors
  • Payroll tax filing for your nonprofit
  • Environmentally friendly paperless payroll statements
  • Payroll and tax reporting for new hires
  • Online payroll access for all employees
  • New employee onboarding assistance
  • RUN Powered by ADP’s mobile app
  • Enjoy a choice of pay scheduling options
  • TotalPay
  • Full Service Direct Deposit (FSDD) for employees
  • Check signing for on-demand, ad hoc payments
  • Complementary compliance posters for the workplace
  • Access to a general ledger interface for bookkeeping
  • Garnish payment services
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) enrollment

Our Human Resources Services for Nonprofits Include:

  • Deep knowledge of state and federal resources
  • Routine HR checkups to make sure you’re in compliance
  • Weekly “HR Tip of the Week” email.
  • Quarterly HR Newsletter
  • A complimentary copy of our Human Resources Dictionary
  • Connect to our Human Resources Help Desk
  • Secure access to our document vault
  • Perform 25 background checks on potential hires every year.
  • Access our Employee Handbook through an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Free access to the Zip recruiter website for job postings
  • A Job Description Wizard that helps you create top-notch job postings
  • For larger, more established organizations, access to our Advanced Human Resources Toolkit
  • Human Resources Tracking tools for employees (includes performance, education, and other benchmarks)
  • Nonprofit HR forms and documents
  • Opportunities to participate in HR compliance training updates.

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