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Through our easy to use Nonprofit readiness tool, you will have a better understanding of your readiness level to begin your charity and 501(c)(3) exemption, or you will understand if you would benefit from a conversation with one of our Nonprofit Consultants. Our Consultants would be able to map out a path forward to provide you with clarity and peace of mind. Either way, we are here to help you through a combination of People and Technology. So start your nonprofit today with!

Through the Readiness tool, there are ultimately three potential outcomes.

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Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 1 by

Tell us about your Nonprofit by completing our Nonprofit readiness tool.

Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 2 by

Receive Recommendations and qualifications based on your answers.

Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 3 by

Make a choice to start immediately or ask to speak to a consultant for more education.

After you have completed the first three steps, you will have the opportunity to purchase your 501c3 set-up package online. Once you make your purchase, the next step is to complete the questionnaire(s) relevant to your order. We will utilize this information to complete your request and to get any state, government, or other filings in good order, to ensure they align with your objective.

Upon completion, some questionnaires will include a consultation with your assigned Nonprofit Specialist. If required, we will contact you soon to set-up your call with your specialist.

Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 4 by

Complete Nonprofit questionnaire in preparation for your consulting appointment.

Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 5 by

Complete appointment with your assigned Nonprofit Specialist.

Start Your Nonprofit Today Step 6 by

Submit your incorporation and tax exemption files to IRS and appropriate agencies.

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About CharityNet USA

Founded in 2004, CharityNet USA by BryteBridge has helped start and consult over 30,000 Nonprofit organizations across the US.

We help Nonprofit organizations start-up, build-up, and maintain compliance.

Expanding from Nonprofit registration services in 2004 to our current consultative approach that pairs each client with a dedicated team, we are confident we have the solutions you need to start or grow your charitable organization. Organizations at all stages turn to us for assistance with their Nonprofit needs. From incorporation and 501c3 filing to strategic plan development, accounting, web design, marketing, and everything in between, we work to get our clients on the right track for success!

We believe our Nonprofit solutions, commitment to excellent customer service, and competitive pricing will be of benefit to your nonprofit organization.

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