The Importance of a Website

Having a website is vital for all nonprofit organizations. Websites are often the first place people visit to learn about a nonprofit. A high-quality, updated website ensures the organization builds trust with potential donors and volunteers. Websites are also great ways to accept donations from anywhere in the world. An organization does not need to file charity registrations in every state people may access the website, meaning a quality website can bring in donations from new locations.

When building a website, consider telling your organization’s story. How did the organization form? What need does it serve? What successes can the organization celebrate?

Sharing your story should be the basis of every nonprofit website. Potential donors, volunteers, and program participants want to see how you’re making a difference and how they fit into the process.

In addition to sharing who you are, an excellent nonprofit website should include a few ways for visitors to engage with the organization. These include:

–    Donation Button: Include a way for people to make on-the-spot donations.

–    Volunteer Sign Up: Describe your volunteer opportunities and allow people to sign up.

–    Participants Communication: Explain your services and provide ways for potential program participants or people interested in contacting someone. Consider another form or include general contact information.

–    Social Links: Link to the organization’s social media accounts, news stories, and anywhere else someone might learn or further engage with your organization.

Did we mention that every nonprofit website should have a donation button? We did, but it’s worth repeating. Every nonprofit webpage should have a way for people to give easily and instantly.

Keeping the website updated is also very important. If the first thing a potential donor sees is a news update from two years ago, chances are they won’t be enticed to give financially. Far too many nonprofits fail to keep their website updated or maintained, leading to service disruptions and even site shutdowns.

Consider a board member or potential volunteer willing to maintain the website. If you don’t know anyone with the time and skills necessary, hire a professional. A quality website is an investment every nonprofit should consider.

BryteBridge website plans include subscription options for ongoing monthly updates to ensure your content is always fresh, driving traffic, and encouraging donations.

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