Building Your Nonprofit Brand

A brand is many things – a name, design, symbol, or other features that distinguish one business from another. For nonprofits, a brand builds a professional identity to establish trust with your supporters and create loyalty. Building your nonprofit brand requires considering many things, including advertising, social identity, reputation, visual elements, and more. All these parts work together to create a cohesive and unique brand.

Nonprofit Branding Begins with a Logo

Think about memorable and recognizable logos. What do they all have in common? Fantastic logos are simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and legible. Let’s talk about each of these points.

Building Your Nonprofit Brand by BryteBridge
Steps to Building Your Nonprofit Brand


Logos should be simple. When you think of memorable logos, are they cluttered with too many words and graphics? Are they identifiable when very small or very large? What about if they’re in full color or black and white?


Fantastic logos should also be relevant to your mission and cause. While you might consider certain themes fun and want to incorporate them into your logo, it will confuse potential clients and donors if they don’t relate to what you do.


What logos did you think about earlier? Why did they stick in your mind? Think about the YMCA logo. Can you picture it or draw it from memory? Chances are, you’d get pretty close to the standard Y logo. A great logo leaves a lasting impression in everyone’s mind.


Finally, a great logo should be legible (if it includes text). Think about all the different ways your logo will be presented: letterhead, business cards, social media, maybe even billboards! A good logo is legible no matter the size, whether big or small. If you include text, is your logo readable?

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