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Missouri Nonprofit Requirements

Creating a Successful Missouri Nonprofit Organization

Throughout the United States, nonprofit organizations are improving people’s lives and enhancing their communities. Missouri’s nonprofits are responsible for assisting individuals and improving opportunities in all counties in the “Show Me State.” From the urban areas of Kansas City and St. Louis to the home of state government in Jefferson City, Missouri’s rolling hills and river bluffs may be an excellent place to launch your nonprofit entrepreneurship ideas!

Get Ready to Start Your Missouri 501c3 Application!

Missouri nonprofits deliver a wide variety of programs and services throughout the state. As part of Missouri’s 501c3 application process, nonprofits are required to assist government agencies, environmental causes, social and healthcare services, education or cultural programs, services for veterans, the disabled or elderly and many more. Throughout Missouri, there are roughly 33,000 nonprofit organizations employing 231,000 individuals. That number translates to 11 percent of the state’s workforce!

How to Start Your Missouri Nonprofit Registration

If you’re thinking that Missouri is the perfect place to launch your 501c3 nonprofit start-up, then review the links and resources below. They will provide you with everything you’ll need to start your Missouri nonprofit registration packet.



Articles of Incorporation

Business Entity Search



Average Processing Time

15-20 Business Days

Electronic Filing?


Charity Registration

State Requirement?


Charity Registration Search



Renewal Requirement?


990 EZ Requirement?


Annual Report

State Requirement?



Within 90 days of incorporating with the state; (then) Biennially (Every 2 years)



Other Exemptions

State Income Tax

Must file – no fee for 3500a

Sales Tax Exemption

Not exempt

Tax Returns

All organizations (except those classified as churches) are required to file an annual 990 form (990N, 990EZ, 990, or 990PF) to be exempt from Income Tax.

The 990 return is due on the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year.

Failure to file for 3 consecutive years could cause your organization to lose tax-exempt status.

Requirements for Missouri Nonprofit Registration

All nonprofit organizations within the state must submit a completed Missouri’s 501c3 application. Specific requirements may vary, but a Missouri nonprofit must typically disclose contact details, the names of all Board members, and information about the entity responsible for the registration. State compliance regulations may also require a Missouri nonprofit to provide employment information and annual reports.

The societal change that Missouri’s nonprofits have brought about is substantial. If you’re looking to harness your entrepreneurial ideas to improve the world, start exploring our Nonprofit Education Center to understand what you’ll need to succeed. Take some time to read our testimonials to see how nonprofit entrepreneurs can thrive. Then, contact us when you’re ready to move forward with your Missouri nonprofit registration or have questions about the 501c3 application process.

We’re looking forward to helping you to transform your nonprofit dreams into a reality!

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