Orlando Business Consultant BizCentral USA Hits 30,000 Served

BizCentral USA credits their ability to adapt and fanatical customer service to success in consulting business?

30,000 clients served and counting, a major milestone for the company: BizCentral USA is an Orlando, FL based company offering solutions to challenges that businesses face on a daily basis. Founded in 2004 by Efrain Rodriguez, BizCentral USA has fought hard to grow and succeed through the nation wide recession. “I credit our survival to adapting to changes in the industry and persistently striving to give the best customer service possible”, a policy known in the company as “fanatical” customer service.

BizCentral USA works with clients looking to start businesses, offering them business plans, website building and logo designs, and bookkeeping services so they can start their company on the right foot.  Company’s already up and running that are looking to strengthen their company can benefit from their services too; they offer business certifications, an aid for competing for government contracts, incorporation, and marketing. BizCentral USA aims to help any company, regardless of industry, overcome as many obstacles as they can so they can see their clients succeed. They even offer a free marketing review to anyone that visits their website.

While BizCentral USA focuses on working with businesses, they have branched out to also offer services to non-profit organizations as well. Operating under BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, they provide 501(c)(3) services, to help non-profits attain their tax exempt status, as well as fundraising and grant writing to help the charities get funding to pursue their passions.

Serving as a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking consulting and aid, it’s not surprising that BizCentral USA has served 30,000 clients. While this is a big accomplishment for the company, there’s no stopping there. Each year they serve more and more clients, adding to their breadth of industry experience and expertise, giving them the tools they need to help any entrepreneurs get on the right road to success.

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