What You Need To Know About IRS Form 1023

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If your nonprofit organization is seeking the benefits of 501c3 federal tax-exempt status, then you must apply directly to the IRS. This means submitting the lengthy IRS Form 1023 (the Application for Recognition of Exemption). Filling out this form can be a stressful process: you pay an application fee, and wait for three to six months or longer while the IRS evaluates your nonprofit application, attached formation documents, finances, history, and organizational structure. 

Form 1023 is a long and complex document. All applicants are required to complete the first 12 pages, or sections 1- 11. At BryteBridge, we can help you with your IRS Form 1023 application and guarantee approval, as we’re one of the top providers of 501c3 services nationwide. We’ve helped over 30,000 non-profits move forward successfully.

We Help You Obtain 501c3 Status By Correctly Filing IRS Form 1023

Understanding the requirements for starting a nonprofit organization is critical. By consulting our experienced nonprofit professionals, you’ll get the guidance you need on whether your charity organization needs to file the longer IRS Form 1023, or the shorter and more streamlined Form 1023-EZ. Before your nonprofit applies for federal tax exemption, it’s important to review the instructions for Form 1023. There are documents that also need to be included. 

For nonprofit startups, understanding the complex criteria that 501c3 organizations should meet can be a huge challenge. BryteBridge is here to help you. As a well established nonprofit development center with over 15 years of experience, we’re passionate about helping you start and grow your nonprofit organization. We will help you prepare all the necessary documentation to secure your organization’s IRS Form 1023 approval from the IRS.

Why Choose Us to Prepare Your Form 1023 Documents?

When it comes to processing critical nonprofit paperwork like the 1023 application, you need to work with the most experienced professionals. If done wrong, the processing of your IRS Form 1023 & IRS 1023 EZ status could be delayed for months. At BryteBridge, we have worked with thousands of satisfied nonprofits across all 50 states and U.S. territories, and we have extensive knowledge of how to get the job done right. 

Furthermore, we offer our services at affordable rates, and we offer payment plans for every budget. Keep in mind that our IRS Form 1023 document preparation fees don’t include federal and state government filing fees.

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At BryteBridge, we do what we promise, with quality, respect, integrity, professionalism, speed, and at a fair price. We don’t just teach you how to start and grow a nonprofit, but we also help you do it as well. Our goal is to be your valued partner when it comes to nonprofit solutions. 

If you have any questions about starting a nonprofit, please review our Product Video or contact us about applying and getting approval for the IRS Form 1023. We’ll be happy to assist you.