10 Summer Fund Raising Ideas for your Nonprofit

Fund Raising Ideas Non Profit

Nonprofits need funding all year, here are some great ideas to keep your events fun and fresh

Summer is the perfect time to switch up some of your fundraising ideas and get people enjoying these fun in the sun kind of days.  People want to be outdoors enjoying the warm weather, having fun, and making an impact before the cool autumn breeze starts moving in. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get people involved and boost your funding to start off the fall on the right foot

1 Lollipop Sale

Lollipops are an easy sell as they’re convenient to carry around, for you or the person buying the treat, and it won’t melt in the summer heat.  This sale is easy to do on it’s own, events around town like meet ups and sports games, or can easily be paired with some of the other fundraising events.

2 Yard Sale

It’s easy to get donations for a yard sale, most people can easily pass along clothes, furniture, electronics and more simply to free up space in their home.

3. Barbecue

Barbecues are easily the highlight of the summer season, and are a great way to gather people together. Hamburgers and hotdogs are a fan favorite that are simple to cook on the grill and are relatively inexpensive overall. Make this a standalone event or pair it with some of your other events to call for a bigger crowd and more donations.

4 Bike-A-Thon

People will take any excuse to go outside and enjoy time with their friends and family, which makes having a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon or any kind of “thon” you can think of a great way to help fundraiser for your nonprofit.

5 Water Ballon Fight

Staying cool is another top priority in the summer season and a water balloon fight is a great way to cool off and have fun while raising money for your nonprofit. Just scope out a nice open space and bring the water balloons. You can either change per water balloon or sign up by the team with an entrance fee.

6 Pool Party

Schedule a day at the pool, and make sure you’ve got enough supervision if you’re going to have children at the event. Add extra things to carnival-style style games, pool games, splash contests, snacks, and raffles.

7 Just-For-Fun Game Event

Find a good space and organize kickball, soccer, basketball, or baseball and make it an event. Make it fun by breaking up the teams with things like boys vs. girls, adults, vs kids, or just let everyone pick their own teams. Make it a fundraising event by either charging a flat entrance fee or by encouraging a donation to play.

8 Online Fundraising

This is a great option for fundraising because you can do it anytime, and it gives you the time you need to plan your next fundraising event, not to mention it’s fast, easy, and free.  If you don’t want to lose parts of your donation to hosting sites for online fundraising, try MagFundraising .

9 Car Wash

Car Washes are a classic fundraising event that’s perfect for the summer. It’s easy to make new connections, spread the word about your nonprofit organization, and raise donations. If you think you might not have enough volunteers, try partnering up with another nonprofit or group to share the expenses, work, and profit from the day’s work.

10 Concert in the Park

This might sound like too much, but with the right planning and resources, you can make this into a huge success. Get some bands, groups, or singers from around the area to perform. This can often be done for free, as they might be looking for ways to get noticed or practice performing in front of an audience.

Your fundraising goal doesn’t need to have a slow season when you have fresh ways to keep your nonprofit organization growing.  Stay cool this summer and good luck exceeding your fundraising goal!