4 Helpful Hints To Grow Your Charity

Tips for a successful foundation or nonprofit organization

Congratulations! You have an amazing idea for making this world a better place. The good news is that starting a charity or foundation is not that hard to do … assuming you have a plan, the right resources, and help from hardworking employees and volunteers. That’s where things get tricky. 

Every day, savvy business owners use a variety of techniques to grow their foundation and benefit their community. In this post, we will be giving you four hints to help you take your nonprofit organization to the next level.

Host Events That Make Donors Feel Valued

Making your donors feel valued is the single most important thing you can do to grow your charity. There are many ways that you can accomplish this task. For example, you can host an appreciation dinner where donors can enjoy a meal, relax, mingle with guests, and get to know your nonprofit’s staff. 

At this event, you should showcase the impact your company has made on your community. This type of well-planned event not only brings your donor community closer together but can also accomplish your ultimate goal of building trust and deeper donor relations.

Attract the Right Employees for Your Mission

Employees can make or break your organization. That’s why attracting and retaining the right staff members is so vital to helping you grow your charity. The trick is creating a desirable company culture that draws in the best recruits. These are just some of the ways you can attract top talent:

  • Allowing employees to take paid leave time
  • Offering perks like work-from-home days and flex hours 
  • Hosting contests around the office
  • Offering fun service projects for your staff to get plugged into your local community. 

Make sure that any service projects are related to your mission, as this will help you to attract recruits who are more closely aligned with your vision. 

Find Ways to Maximize Online Fundraising

Our society influences all corners of the world. But you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to maximize your influence. The internet makes it possible for you to reach people from all over the globe without leaving the office. 

By using services like BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, you can gain a following of people who never otherwise would have found you. Sometimes, your message can even go viral. For example, millions of dollars were raised for nonprofits fighting ALS when the ice bucket challenge took the internet by storm.

Use every channel to your advantage, from email marketing to social media and online advertising. If you’re diligent, the right people will find you and engage you. 

Use Outside Resources to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you’re an established nonprofit or you’re just looking to grow your charity, BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions has over 30 business solutions to help you grow your foundation effectively in less time.

Our services include accounting and bookkeeping, capacity building, grant writing, corporate sponsorship, and much more. Our company can assist you with this growing process and guarantee confidence in your nonprofit’s success.

Do You Need To Know More About Starting A Foundation?

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