How 501(c)(3) Filing Services Work

How 501(c)(3) filing services work by brytebridge

Ready to Begin the 501(c)(3) Filing Process?

Bringing your ideas for a nonprofit organization to fruition requires dedication and planning. While some nonprofit entrepreneurs choose to do the work independently, others decide that working with a dedicated 501(c)(3) filing service is the best choice. The 501(c)(3) filing process is complex, and having a reliable partner can help ensure that all the required paperwork is correctly finished and that all the necessary components for launching a successful not-for-profit are in place. In addition, working alongside dedicated professionals who have familiarity with the 501(c)(3) filing process can be a significant time-saver that allows founders to spend their time devoted to the cause they care deeply about. 

When considering the value of working with a 501(c)(3) filing service, cast a thoughtful eye on the various services and expertise they may offer beyond simply filing your 501(c)(3) paperwork with the federal government.

Here is a list to consider when evaluating different services:

What’s included in a 501(c)(3) filing service?

  • Preparing the IRS 1023 to receive your incorporation papers.
  • Helping to determine your board of directors
  • Obtaining your EIN from the IRS
  • Writing your organization’s bylaws
  • Determining the correct tax-exempt nonprofit designation (501c3, other 501c types, etc.)
  • Filing for exemption requirements in the state you’re located in
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Understanding best practices for grant writing
  • Creating a professional website and marketing strategy
  • Learning how to fundraise
  • Legal do’s and don’ts of hiring and personnel management
  • Maintaining budgets and preparing annual reports

And so much more!

Don’t Be Intimidated By the 501(c)(3) Filing Process!

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Every year, individuals from around the country begin turning their nonprofit start-up dreams into reality. These entrepreneurs are passionate and committed to promoting a particular initiative or cause. They may be interested in environmental causes, social justice, community health and wellness, animal wellbeing, care for children, the elderly, or the disabled, promoting arts and culture, or hundreds of other worthy ideas.

However, despite the great ideas and drive nonprofit entrepreneurs have, it’s often challenging to know everything that both the federal and state governments expect of you and your organization before they will grant it tax-exempt status. And many start-up nonprofits learn during the 501c3 filing process that creating an authorized and approved tax-exempt charitable organization involves quite a bit more than initially meets the eye.

Find a 501(c)(3) Filing Service that Supports Your Goals

At BryteBridge, we help you with all aspects of your nonprofit filing process, including state incorporation. As one of the nation’s top service providers for nonprofit incorporation, we have the expertise you need to file nonprofit incorporation articles for the state (or states) you want to operate in. At BryteBridge, we can assist you with every step, from your initial launch through to periods of growth and change. We also guarantee federal and state approval of your organization’s incorporation articles, and work to gain fast approval of your organization. In fact, many of our client partners have received approval in under 30 days.

Incorporation: The Prerequisite to the 501(c)(3) Filing Process

The incorporation process for each state your nonprofit operates in can be complicated depending on the state (or states, in the case of multi-state nonprofit registration).  Before selecting a 501c3 filing service, be sure the consultants have experience preparing nonprofit articles of incorporation for the state or states you want to operate in. Your organization cannot proceed with its filing process until the incorporation document is completed and approved.

501(c)(3) filing services from brytebridge

When Evaluating a 501(c)(3) Filing Service, Look for the Following Services:

  1. Money back guaranteed IRS approval of your 501(c)(3) application
  2. Completion of IRS 1023 Form for federal income tax exemption
  3. Secure client portal for document storage and sharing
  4. 24/7 access to your documents and annual reminders
  5. IRS-approved Conflict of Interest Policy for board members
  6. IRS- and state-compliant bylaws draft
  7. Detailed instructions for submitting prepared state documents to meet compliance requirements
  8. Name research to ensure your desired organization name is available
  9. Nonprofit and articles “Charter” to establish the nonprofit in its home state
  10. 1023 Form financials, including a three-year budget forecast
  11. Securing your organization’s Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN)
  12. Completed Charity Registration applications for the states your nonprofit will operate in and seek donations from
  13. Some states, including California and Texas, require a state equivalent of the 501(c)(3) status for the organization to operate as tax-exempt
  14. Registered Agent services ensure you always have access to the critical legal or tax information or documents mailed to your organization’s address
  15. Accurate preparation of IRS Form 990-N upon your organization completing its first tax year

BryteBridge: We’re More than a 501(c)(3) Filing Service, We’re Your Trusted Partner

Our 501c3 filing services include everything needed to ensure tax exemption for your nonprofit organization. We also provide nonprofits with accounting services, HR solutions, and free educational resources. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions. We can help ensure that your nonprofit start-up completes the 501c3 filing process quickly and correctly!