Six Classic Fundraising Ideas in 2019

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Nonprofit organizations and charities survive on fundraisers and events due to the fact that they are already doing so much for the community for no cost at all. Coming up with fun nonprofit fundraising ideas that actually get people together can be a rather difficult task for most charities and nonprofits to manage. Too many things need to be taken into consideration, ranging from the approximate time to the budget.

There are instances when funds are needed immediately for a cause or need, and this is mostly handled with grants or by hosting quick and easy projects. In other cases, a fundraiser is the sole option for gathering a lot of funds over a much longer time – for example, yearly campaigns.

There are over a hundred ways that can be used and adapted in order to host a successful fundraising project and raise a good amount of money, but not all of these are guaranteed to generate the exact amount that your nonprofit organization or charity needs. To break down your search, we have listed 8 of the most classic nonprofit fundraising ideas that are guaranteed to help you raise the money that you need:

1. Pool Parties

In the hot summer weather, many might turn to putting up lemonade stalls for money. But how much can that help you raise? The smarter thing would be to take proper advantage of the glorious months of summer and host a pool party! Wherever you reside, get in touch with your local community pool and gather information regarding the prices and availability.

Pool parties are loved all over the world, and they fit comfortably well with summer, making them a perfect nonprofit fundraising idea. By hosting a pool party, you’re sure to get a lot of people together, and you can even select a specific age that you are wanting to target. The entry fee will help you raise the money. Due to the popularity of pool parties, there are sure to be a lot of people who would like to come—and bring their friends, too! Word always spreads fast, so make sure you market the party successfully on the internet.

2. Go Viral

In this day and age, anything that goes viral and gains a load of likes and shares can be monetized. Although there’s absolutely no guarantee that if you start a challenge (for example: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), it will go viral, but you never know. With an online presence being one of the cornerstones of advertising, you should take this chance to get to your goal. It won’t cost you much except energy and effort, and if it does happen to go viral, you are sure to make a decent amount of money for your charity. It’s a long shot, but ideal as far as nonprofit fundraising ideas go.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is more of a team project and will require some effort. Online fundraising has been used by charities and nonprofits for a long time now and they really can help you raise the money. To do this you will have to come up with a project where the sole purpose is to help the community and the cause behind it. You will have to rely heavily on your social media followers, personal contacts and email addresses from your own list. Any shares and likes you get are all easy to cash out on.

4. Carnivals

Carnivals are one of the most popular ideas for nonprofit fundraising. Universally beloved, you can bet that it will be a popular choice. Carnivals are also ideal because you can add a number of additional fundraising means, such as setting up a stall to sell handmade or handcrafted items. This would be a great way to make some extra cash and gain attention as well.

Hosting a carnival is easier than you may think. All you will have to do is get in touch with local authorities and tell them the fundraising target, spread the word, and get your followers to attend the carnival and help your cause. However, make sure that you’ve prepared the documentation beforehand.

5. Host A Movie Night With A BBQ

Everyone loves movies. Whether you choose to play a classic movie or the latest one, you are sure to find a lot of people who’d be interested to join. Incorporate creative ideas, like putting up a projector in a picturesque garden or backyard with a good seating arrangement, or a barbeque pit in the backyard to sell food out to the crowd while they eat.

The cost of organizing this nonprofit fundraising idea is minimal, and it’ll also help you raise a lot of funds due to the number of people that would be willing to attend the event. You could even create an online poll to choose the movie!

6. Board Game Tournament

Board games are loved by all. Host a board game tournament to give the attendees a chance to play one-on-one against their friends or the other people present there. Furthermore, you could serve dinner for additional funds.

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